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Illegal immigrants set to cause threat to Uttar Pradesh

The illegal immigrants after being a security threat to north-eastern states of India i.e. Assam and Nagaland are to be considered a serious threat for Uttar Pradesh as well. If the sources of the state government are to be believed nearly 2 lakh illegal immigrants reside in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, and Allahabad.

An official announcement has been made by the state government that the illegal immigrants residing in the major cities of Uttar Pradesh are to be monitored by police and administrators. These immigrants claim to be citizens of West Bengal but they originally belong to Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The surprising fact is that the immigrants who are considered to be illegal by the government possess all the important documents that are required by any Indian citizen. They have their own Aadhar cars, ration cards, and voter id. This makes it difficult for the state government authorities to take any action against them. 90% of the immigrants belong to minority class and are unable to speak or understand Hindi.

According to the local intelligence inputs, nearly 90,000 of the illegal immigrants are involved in criminal activities.

UP Immigration Issue
An unauthorized slum in Lucknow | Source: India Today

Last month Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath commanded the police officials to identify, verify and deport the foreign nationals residing in the state. After the police carried an intensive drive against the immigrants a fact came to light. The grandfathers of these immigrants had entered into India illegally and gradually had turned into Indian citizens. (Rai, 2017)

The illegal immigrants that are now becoming the reason of threat for India not only in Assam and Nagaland but also Uttar Pradesh originally are Rohingya Muslims who were pushed out of Rakhine by the Burmese Government on 25th August 2017. Nearly 5, 80,000 immigrants went to Bangladesh to seek refuge. The immigrants were treated cruelly by the Burmese soldiers. The civilians were raped, tortured as well as killed while forcing the minority to move outside the country.

In 7th century AD, the followers of a religion arrived in Gujarat region of India seeking refuge since their religion was mistreated in their own country. Today we call them as Parsis. A small group of Persians and Iranians who were mistreated whose ancestors were mistreated in their own country are now are considered to be one of the most peaceful religions of India.

Not all the immigrants enter a country to enter into criminal activities. From the immigrants who entered the Northeastern states of India and now reside in Uttar Pradesh there are civilians who wish to seek refuge in this land of diversity. As the reports say there are people who are involved in criminal activities but because of this, we cannot do injustice to the minority class. The government should take action against people who are involved in criminal activities but deporting all the foreign nationals just because some of them are a threat to the country is not a proper solution to the problem.


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