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Have we forgotten to respect our elders?

Well, this has now become a burning social problem of the society we live in. Of course, it’s a big deal in a country like India where morale and values are quite a lot variant than the westernised ones. This condition of the victims of economic, physical and mental exploitation i.e. of the elders is quite dreadful and awful. It might be a result of decreased humanity and compassion. A state commonly witnessed in almost all fields of life corporate world, political leadership, normal households, in the public etc.

There might not be just one or two but many reasons behind this non-rational behaviour but the foremost reason for this trend is the ever-intensifying competition in the modern society. It’s often seen that there’s less motivation seen among people these days to establish a mutual respect with their seniors, that is ‘seniors’ in this context are the elders. Insecurity is the main consequential occurring from insufficient mutual respect and that can have an adverse effect of negative influences on people’s lives and also on the socioeconomic development if the society. It so happens that people are likely to develop a sense of insecurity in their consciences, meaning that people want to do their own thing regardless of knowing if it’s right or wrong and which also holds them back from bestowing their thorough trust upon others.

In this contemporary world, the materialisation and the busy lifestyles are two of the main reasons for the problem of showing less respect towards the elderly people. The materialistic world in which we are living right now is making the younger generation not-to-realise the value of the meaningful relationship between two individuals of different age groups. Which in turn leads to elder people receiving less respect from the juniors or cohorts. Or the problem might also be two folded, one might be the age difference and other might be the evolution and changes.

Inadequate amount of time, where adults are time striving and working for long hours to secure their places in order to maintain their employment and competitiveness may result in spending a little amount of time with the elders which also hinders them from developing authentic respect towards elders. Sure, a lot of teenagers and young adults tend to rebel against elders nowadays, but since there’s always a negation of good to bad. So it’s only that group of people who are insecure and those who have received an inadequate amount of care resulting in physical and psychological problems which make them suffer.

In conclusion, since the well-being is already been affected, but if the proper measures are not been installed then this lack of socialisation will also affect the growth of the society.

Aditi Warnoolkar

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