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Hack4She: Event Coverage



Girl Script Patiala Hack4She

In an effort of disseminating knowledge and finding solutions to some of the most pertinent issues that women face this day, GirlScript Patiala in collaboration with GirlUp TIET organized a five-day hackathon event – Hack4She, that was held from 18th to 22nd November.

While a hackathon might seem too technical and monotonous, Hack4She was distinct in the very essence of it. Hack4She was an amalgamation of both technical and non-technical events comprising various mini-games and activities. Besides, several insightful sessions imparting consciousness and knowledge were also conducted.

The registrations for the event started out on Devfolio, which made it a friendly environment for both the participants as well as organizers. A total of 422 individuals participated out of which 67.66% were female candidates and the rest were male candidates. Most of the participation came from the Thapar Institute of Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), International Institute of Information Technology (IIITs), National Institute of Technology (NITs), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chitkara University, VIT, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.

Hack4She kickstarter on 18th November, with a blasting opening ceremony taken up by the leading organizers. This was followed up by a mesmerizing session on “Art of Winning Hackathon” by Mr Shubhank Saxena.

All of the speaker sessions were taken up on AirMeet, an all-in-one platform for virtual events, summits, meetups & workshops for communities & enterprises. Every day, there was an amazing lineup of technical and non-technical speakers followed up by ice-breaker gaming sessions at night.

After vigorously verifying the teams for the eligibility criteria, a total of 37 teams were formed. As Discord was the major mode of communication, a custom discord bot was developed to handle all the bulk registrations.

Utilising all the developer technologies, the bot was able to create separate private voice and text channels for each team through which every mentor interacted.

On the first day, we had an interactive Ignite Session where the participants interacted with each other and held discussions. This was followed up by talks on women empowerment and startup techniques were delivered by Ms Aulia Halimatussadiah (Llia), CoFounder at StorialCo & Nulisbuku, on the next day. The mini-events which had initiated with the ice-breaker Ignite Session was followed by Scribble which was a fun session involving a game of Pictionary.
The 20th was jam-packed with thought-provoking sessions, which were kicked off by Ms Sneh Sharma, Founder and CEO at Ittisa, and Ms Swati Bhargawa, CoFounder of CashKaro on topics such as Women in Technology Startups and Women Empowerment. It was followed by another session by Mr Aakash Baranwal focused on the scope of cloud computing. In the evening, we had blasting participation in Let’s get Quizzical’. It was yet another exciting event comprising a pop-culture trivia accompanied with some witty tech quizzes.

On the 21st we had sessions by Mr Shashank Mishra, data engineer at Amazon, who spoke on the various career opportunities in Big Data. It was succeeded by another inquisitive session by Mr Aarnav Jindal, SDE at It was focussed about the diversity hiring programs with tech giants. Thereon, we had Mr Harsh Bardhan Mishra, an MLH Fellow who shared all his experiences and knowledge and delivered a live demo on Transfer Learning.


Image Source: Hack4She

On the final day, we concluded with an enriching session on Open Source by Ms Seema Saharan. And to end the hack, we had a fun final face-off in a game of Complete the dialogue, where participants were given some iconic dialogues and they had to revamp them as creatively as you can and make them their own. It was shortly followed by a Game Night with YouTube streamer Lucifer Arjun, an exciting and electrifying night of gaming, camaraderie and fierce rivalry.

The Mentors were invited from the vast fields of backend, frontend, ML, cloud, blockchain, IoT, flutter, and many more. We had two mentoring sessions to help the participating teams in the ideation phase and shape their projects accordingly. The first ideation session with mentors was on the 19th of November, one day after the hackathon, wherein each mentor was available on voice channels for teams to interact with the mentors. On the final day of the hackathon, 21st of November, participants presented a working demo to their allotted mentors on which they were graded and the top 10 teams were shortlisted. The top 10 teams were given a chance to present their project live in front of the judging panel on 22nd November 2020.

In the judging panel, we had some experienced and skilful judges without whom, the event wouldn’t have been this successful. Our judges included Ms Anubha Maneshwar, who is one of the founding members of YAY Celebrating Education. She has made it to the Forbes Asia Under30 list. She has also been featured in and SWE magazine. Next, we had Ms. Varsha Jaiswal, who is a #IamRemarkable Gold Facilitator and an organizer at GDG Jalandhar. She is a Women TechMaker ambassador as well. We also had Mr Rushabh Vasa, who is one of the founding members of Agrahyah Technologies. He is also a Google Developers Expert. He is the founder and CEO at Instinct Media. Next, we had Mr Vivekanandhan M, who is an Alibaba Cloud and Cognizant MVP. He is also a United Nations Volunteer. He is an AEM and cyber-security expert as well. Lastly, we had Mr Tathagat Thapliyal, who is an engineer at Ixigo and a developer evangelist. He is the co-founder and CTO at Voz. Besides this, he is immensely experienced in software development and is also a public speaker.
Under their guidance, support, and judgment, the participants got a lot to learn and earned various opportunities.

With all the sincerity and hard work by all our participating teams, one team was declared as the winner team whose idea was loved and appreciated by the judges. The winning team received a monetary prize of Rs. 14,000. The first and second runner up teams received a monetary prize of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 6,000 respectively. The winning teams, namely CrtAltElite, DED_Brains and Arise built solutions such as a common platform for various services like health and fitness training, security for women, and service to help sell homemade goods to help empower rural women respectively. Team Nokia 3310 bagged the special mention prize for the hackathon by building a solution in the women safety category. These teams will also be receiving swags from our sponsors. Not only this, our sponsors had special categories with which other teams also received some internship opportunities and swags.

Hack4She’s special acknowledgement goes to our NGO partners Laadki, Teens of God and Sachhi Saheli for having extended their support for the events and all our sponsors as the support that they provided was a major contributor towards making this event a full-proof success.

All in all, Hack4She, turned out to be a huge success. The five days were packed with action, competition, and camaraderie. Hack4She heartiest congratulations to all the technical and non-technical event winners. With a word of continuing to deliver such experiences to the audience, Hack4She bids a farewell!

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Project Zaraat by Enactus DCAC




Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Farmers form the backbone of the Indian Economy, making up more than 40% of the workforce. However, every day 28 people dependent on farming commit suicide—the post-harvest losses in the country amount to over 93,000 crores per year. The loss of 93,000 crores constitutes approximately 40% of the country’s total produce. This occurs due to the perishable nature of agricultural produce, which often forces farmers to sell their produce at the prevailing market price, be it high or low, thereby resulting in a loss of bargaining power.

Addressing this issue through the positive power of social entrepreneurship, Enactus DCAC, an international not for profit student body organisation, initiated Project Zaraat for the upliftment of the farming community. The mission of Project Zaraat is to minimise post-harvest losses and enhance forward linkages through a self-sustaining social enterprise.

Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Project Zaraat | Image Source: NAC Media

Under the mentorship and guidance of Michigan State University and the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Zaraat provides the farmers with a unique storage solution that works on the principle of evaporative cooling. It is affordable, portable, and eco-friendly, making it different from conventional storage facilities. Moreover, this solution increases the shelf life of the produce by upto ten days, ensuring that the quality of produce does not deteriorate. Apart from this, they also aim to partner with various B2B aggregators to ensure a rise in income for the farmers and provide them with payment security.

Project Zaraat | News Aur Chai Media

Project Zaraat | Image Source: NAC Media

Currently, they are in the process of integrating farmers into an FPO to ensure collective bargaining power. They are also exploring sustainable agriculture practices that are vital in a climate constrained world.

Project Zaraat is a recipient of the KPMG Ethics Grant and also received a Special Mention at the Enactus Early Stage National Competition 2021.

Building on this by the end of the year, they aim to sustain the lives of 100 farmers by providing them with an income boost of 25%, reduce post-harvest losses by a whopping 60%, and minimise the energy consumption by 20%. For more information, visit

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Retake 2022 is on its way!



Retake 2022 | News Aur Chai Media

Retake, the annual intercollegiate national-level mass media festival of L. S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce, is all set to launch its 7th edition on 27th, 28th, and 29th January 2022 on the live streaming platform, Zoom. The festival will also be streamed live on their YouTube channel LSR-BMM’s Retake.

The theme for Retake 2022 is “Maestro of Nemesis.” The theme revolves around the concept of the portrayal of good and evil and the thin line that divides the two. The Bollywood-based theme classifies and recognizes the circumstances that play a vital role in changing the core essence of the character. The theme acknowledges and relies on the plotline of the film to understand the personality shift that a character undergoes when exposed to untoward conditions.

The festival is organized by the students of the BAMMC department of L. S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce. Since 2015, Retake has been a podium for the media students to exhibit their talents. From organizers to participants, it provides a stage for students to express themselves and build valuable skills, connections, leadership qualities and make memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Like every year, Team Retake is looking forward to a successful event that will come alive by the end of this week. This weekend you may all tune into experience the exciting events and the roar of “Retake ek mahol hai” in its true competitive spirit.

Speaking of events, this is the blockbuster line-up of events that will be the crown jewel of Retake 2022. The events are:
● Own the Beat: A solo dance event where dancers have to incorporate props given to them in their performance.
● कला-Caricature: An art-based event where the creator of the most original, creative, and accurate caricature will be the winner.
● LOL: League of Laughter: The stand-up comedy event where the comedian who manages to pull out the maximum laugh will win the event.
● Cinephilia: A short film event where one’s film-making skills will be up against the best our nation has to offer.
● BGMI: A gaming event that is supreme with one’s meticulous strategies and smart tactics over three maps, namely Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar.
● Ankahi Kahaniya: The short story event where one has to write a “What If” to a given situation. This event will put you up against the nation for the tag of “Best Writer.”
● Pitching Paradise: An advertising event where over two rounds, you will have to be on top of your persuasion game to sell your way to victory.
● Aesthetic Frames: A photography event that captures the essence of an iconic phrase from classic literature.
● Razor Tongues: The debate event where your razor tongues will be reinforcing your argument while cutting the opposition’s counters to shreds.
● Triple your TRPs: The journalism event that brings out the unbiased and objective reporting of a fictitious scene.
● Under the Spotlight: The mono-acting event where a combination of story, stage persona, and acting chops will win the day.

The events will be streaming on Retake’s official YouTube channel, “LSR-BMM’s Retake.” You can virtually be a part of Retake 2022 in the comment section. The exact schedule for Retake 2022 is up on the Instagram handle, “@retake.2022”. Tune in on Retake’s official Instagram page for links to their YouTube streams which will be posted on their story and bio. For more updates on the festival, follow Retake’s social media handles and be a part of the media adventure this weekend.

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“Share” – A Bit Initiated By Bizzenture



Bizzenture | News Aur Chai

‘Share a Bit’ is a Food Drive initiated by the students of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) from R.D & S.H National College and S.W.A Science College. The students of BMS have an urge for Humanity since the past two years have been a hard time for almost everyone, wherein basic food and necessities are a task to get done, especially for the marginalized.

It is a Small Initiative from Bizzenture Team to come forward and collect funds as “Sharing is Caring.” The funds raised would then be utilized for the benefit of the marginalized around the college vicinity.

This great charity is supported under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Neha Jagtiani, Coordinator of BMS Prof. Nikisha Kukreja, and our faculty members Prof. Suman Dhanani, Prof. Darshana Kamble, along with the student team Kshitij Bhatia, Abdul Baasit Merchant, Peeyush Kumar, Celeste Mathews, Gulshan Jaha Shaikh, Dhvani Panchal, Falaah Sankhla.

Digital News Partner: News Aur Chai Media

For Events Association, mail us at [email protected]

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