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Hack4She: Code For Cause of Women

While the world is advancing rapidly in terms of technology, women continue to face limitations and challenges in this ‘modern’ world. In an effort to enkindle the development of a positive environment in support of women, GirpUp TIET and Girl Script Patiala have taken steps ahead and proudly present, Hack4She – A hackathon event that intends to solve problems about women.

Hackathons are programming events where the participants compete and design efficient solutions to real-world problems. The hackathon Hack4She comes with increased importance as the problem statements of the hackathon shall be centric to women and intend to resolve issues that women often face.

Hack4She will be a five-day event from 18-22 November 2020. wherein participants will typically form groups of 2-5 with a minimum 50 per cent female or non-binary individuals and participate as a team.

Now, a hackathon might seem too demanding and severe activity, so to help dispel weariness, Hack4She comes as an amalgamation of fun and coding events; webinars by some of the most renowned tech and non-tech speakers from all around, workshops, group discussion and many more activities and mini-events to freshen your mind up and accompany you on this exhilarating journey.

Registration for Hack4She opens: October 29 2020 12:00 IST
(open now via Devfolio)

Registration for Hack4She closes: November 17 2020 23:59 IST
Prizes worth Rs. 30,000 have been announced on our website. There is also an ongoing early Sponsor Giveaway of 2 $50 Amazon Giftcard giveaway which ends on November 7, details are followed at the Devfolio page.

Hack4She thus serves the purpose of disseminating knowledge, providing a platform to tech-enthusiasts to develop and portray their skills, and most importantly come up with some prominent solutions that can impact the society and overcome various issues the women are in the face of. Besides these exceptional skills you develop, you the winners shall get some exciting prizes and goodies.

So, hurry up and register now for Hack4She at:

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