Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 2 Return of Jon Snow

After a week worth of waiting, the anticipation in us to watch the second episode of game of thrones finally ends. This episode like all the others is unique,full of surprises and deaths. The show starts off with the return of Brandon stark , who had not been a part of season 5 for some reason. He alongside with the three-eyed raven, visits his father’s childhood where he comes across his feisty aunt Lyanna, his father and his uncle Benjen and a ‘talking’ Hodor, who then goes by the name of Wylis and is a stable boy. Before he can drink his fill at the sight of them, Bran is pulled back into reality by the three-eyed raven. On the other side, Meera is kinda frustrated on having to cope with the handicapped Bran and the 3 eyed raven who do nothing but indulge into past events, which leaves nothing but the thoughts of her dying brother with her.

The scene shifts to castle black, where the killers of Jon snow are waiting to kill all his supporters as well, which included Ser Davos and few of the brothers of the night’s watch. In a lucky turn of events, Ser Davos and the rest are saved, when help from the wildlings arrives, just as the killers of Jon snow are about to chop down the door behind which they were hidden.jon snow alive game of thrones hbo

At the red keep, a common man is brutally murdered by the Mountain for telling false stories about his experience with queen Cersei when she was parading down the streets for her walk of atonement. Queen Cersei is not allowed to attend her daughter’s funeral by the orders of her son, the king, who claims it was done for her own safety. King Tommen is counselled by Jamie Lannister in the sept, on how he should apologize to his mother for not letting her attend the funeral and also for not being able to do anything when they took her away. As the king Tommen leaves, Jamie Lannister makes a move to threaten the high sparrow, who seems un-baffled and says,”we are nothing alone, poor ,without a family and powerless, but together we can overthrow an empire”, which unnerves Jamie and he is left standing there while the scene shifts around to King Tommen apologising to his mother and requesting her to make him more like her so that he can learn to be strong and take revenge on who did wrong to them.1461809666848

In Mereen Lord Tyrion decides to unchain the dragons as according to him they do not do well in captivity.

Bravos, has Arya stark, the blind girl who is now begging on the streets and getting beaten into a pulp daily by the Waif. Jaqen h’gar takes her with him when she refuses to acknowledge the things he offers her and stands by her title of being ‘No one’.

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