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FMC Weekend’21 – Digital Art Fest, IIT (BHU)

The Film and Media Council IIT BHU is a conglomeration of 6 clubs that remain ever invested in the promotion of digital arts. A hub for activities such as writing, photography and other forms of digital arts, the FMC Weekend happens to be the crown jewel of the council.

From FMC weekend’s humble beginnings in 2014, it has come a long way and take pride in now being India’s largest festival dedicated exclusively to digital arts.
Just as every other year, FMC Weekend is back with the same vigour. They are pleased to throw open FMC Weekend 2021 to the masses. This three-day festival, which is indeed a celebration of excellence, attracts digital art enthusiasts representing different genres and coming from varied walks of life from all across the country.

FMC Weekend 2021 IIT BHU | News Aur Chai
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FMC Weekend is scheduled to be held from 9th to 11th April 2021. This time around, the fest, on account of being convened virtually, can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home.

Over the years, participants have not only gotten a chance to exhibit their talents and win coveted prizes but also have had the opportunity to interact and learn from experts in various creative art fields, thereby getting a chance to polish their already stellar skills. This year too, apart from competitive events in the domains of photography, writing, cinema, design and animation, workshops in the aforesaid domains have also been planned. Workshops by the following artists will be organised during FMC Weekend’21:

Photography workshops by Ashraful Arefin, Aarzoo Khurana and Zeeshan Mohammad
VFX workshop by Srinivas Mohan
Design workshops by Own Davey and Sahil Dev
Outreach workshops by Akanksha Damini Joshi
Media workshop by Rohit Dawesar and RJ Shashank of Red FM.
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