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“Feeling patriotic”* but only for my social media world

Patriotism means the loyalty of a person to his/her nation or the leaders of the country. A patriot is a person who is on the side of his/her land or its leaders.

But now the definition has changed; being a social patriot is a trend. We are living in a time where the social network activeness defines the patriotism of any individual. We can portray a whole different side of ourselves to the world and make them believe without even being a part of it. Thanks to the smartphones and readily available internet.

All we need is a status update on facebook, few selfies, and some cool hash-tagged tweets, and there you go. We are now presenting the most patriotic person alive without doing anything. And after the day is over, we can return back to the normal life.

I just encountered a short film called “One Day Mataram” on youtube by “Terribly Tiny Talkies” which shows the life of one such person on Independence Day of India. The short clip features a guy named Alok Kumar who pretends to be a patriot citizen on Facebook but is involved in buying alcohol on a dry day. The role of the guy is played by Actor Vineet Kumar Singh, and the video is directed by Vijayeta Kumar. Audio track and music are by the R. Venkatraman (Venky).

This short film is a perfect reality check to all those who are involved in the faux patriotism. In short, the man is patriotic, and his Facebook wall proves it. Jai Hind.

Kautilya Sharma

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