Faridabad Murder Case: Victim’s Family Claims Killing To ‘Love Jihad’

A 21-year-old student was shot dead outside her college in Haryana’s Faridabad district by two men who first tried to shove her inside the car, and when failed to do so they mercilessly shot her at point-blank range. This frightening incident which happened in broad daylight only 30 km away from Delhi was captured in a video that went viral.

The incident is reported to have occurred in around 3:40 pm on Monday, October 26th outside Aggrawal College in Faridabad, where the victim, a B.com student, had gone to write her exam.

In the footage captured by the security camera that went viral, Nikita Tomar and her friend are seen near the car trying to dodge the armed accused, but he doesn’t give up, continues to chase her for a while and lastly shot her dead.

After this brutal attack, his associate Rehan dragged the assailant Tauseef in the car, and the two fled the spot and were on their way to Mewat, Haryana before getting arrested. The woman’s friend and few spectators were horrified as they saw the woman bleeding on the road, later the victim was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to her bullet wound.

“The two accused Tauseef and Rehan were waiting in the car outside the college for her to come out. Tauseef and Nikita knew each other, and this was the second time that Tauseef tried abducting her, it had previously happened in 2018,” said Faridabad police officer OP Singh.

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij set up Special Investigation Team (SIT), led by Anil Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Crime, Faridabad, to investigate the case. The Minister stated that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) would ensure a quick probe and time-bound trial to see to it that justice is rightly served to the family.

After a chase to arrest the two persons responsible for the murder of the victim, Haryana Police arrested the assailant, Tauseef on Monday within five hours of the crime and subsequently on Tuesday the accomplice in the crime, Rehan was arrested. They were sent to police custody for two days.

On Tuesday, the body of the woman was handed over to the family in Faridabad.

The victim’s family had reportedly said that previously when they had complained the accused, as he had repeatedly harassed the woman in the past, the police advised and actively took part in reaching reconciliation between the two.

“We complained earlier in 2018 about Tauseef harassing my daughter, and we had withdrawn the complaint to protect our daughter’s name. Now they have killed my child,” said Nikita’s father.

When asked to Nikita’s mother, Vijaywati Tomar, about the horrific incident, she said, “I want justice for my daughter. They should be shot the same way they shot her.” Adding to which she also claimed “Our daughter was very bright. He killed her because he knew he couldn’t force her to convert to Islam.”

Nikita’s brother reputed a ‘love jihad’ attempt by Tauseef. 25-year-old, Naveen Tomar also stated that “Tauseef wanted to marry her, kept forcing her from time to time, but Nikita was never interested in him. He wanted to perform love jihad, convert her to Islam.”

A senior police officer said Tauseef has admitted to the crime; he confessed to have killed her as she was planning to marry someone else. According to sources, it was discovered during the police investigation Nikita and Tauseef had a conversation over the phone the night before the incident.

Due to the political links of the assailant, Tauseef Ahmad with Aftab Ahmed (his paternal uncle), the sitting Congress MLA from Nuh Constituency of Mewat is being highlighted as the accused with his accomplice, Rehan fled the crime scene and was on his way to Mewat before being nabbed by the police.

The allegation of ‘love jihad’ was denied by Tauseef’s relatives. “He is a very nice person and has no history of anger issues. We know the girl, but we have no clue why he did that. People want to give the matter a political turn is why the ‘love jihad’ narrative is being talked about everywhere,” claimed a relative of Tauseef who didn’t want to reveal his identity.

When enquired it was found that Tauseef’s family has a lineage of politicians and zamindars who have a politically heavy past with Congress party.

Enraged by the incident, people took to streets and protested across Faridabad on Tuesday, October 27th, in which the victim’s family joined it as well.

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