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Exclusive interview with Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi and Neha Rizvi

Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi is a highly acclaimed Ghazal singer and represents one of the few living legends of Raga-based classical Ghazal gayaki in India. Neha Rizvi daughter of world renowned Ghazal maestro Rajkumar & Indrani Rizvi. NewsAurChai got this opportunity to interview these to amazing artists.

NewsAurChai: So tell us how different is it from being Gharana than any normal student?

“When you are from a Gharana you are trained and polished in more than one way , A person from Gharana can play with raags, the same word can be expressed in ten different melodious ways by them,so basically the difference is in versatility.” Said Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi Ji with thoughtfulness. Aso Neha added ” When you are from a Gharana you notice small things and patterns, so if we find it good we praise and if we find something wrong we cringe. Because of immense practicing of hours we are bound to notice all this”

NewsAurChai: Time for something really tricky tell us who is a better singer and favourite daughter for you Rizvi Ji.

“Very difficult question! Both my daughters are brilliant singers,both have a different type of voice. Where Neha has a soothing and melodious songs type voice , Runa has heavy voice ustadi sur. So I can’t compare” “He is never biased to music.. whoever sings the same song better he will be on their side” added Neha.NEHA

NewsAurChai: Do you think Bollywood is defined as the success to fame ?

“That’s actually something I would say has been defined by the crowd and its disheartening from audience part that it has been stereotyped this way. There is some audience with the taste of music and knowledge about it, who have an idea of judging the singers based on talent. But I feel success for a singer is based on training and discipline. Extreme hard work, dedication, and discipline that’s what defines success.” Answered Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi Ji.

NewsAurChai: Neha, tell us one memory that has been unforgettable for you

“I think among all, In my show Guldasta on 17th Jan 2016. I sang my father’s song, “Shaakh se toot ke girne ki saza do mujhko” . That moment was more of a guru-shishya moment for me and a not father-daughter moment, which means a lot to me. That time people appreciated me as his student and I think that’s what has been most heart touching for me”

NewsAurChai: Neha tell us Father as a guru or as a father?

“He is more of a friend. Of course, if I sing some wrong note I get a shouting (laughing). As a guru, I am more close to him.I am more like a mother to him now, he is great as a father and superb as a guru“

NewsAurChai: Tell us something about your upcoming show ‘Dharohar’

“Me and my sister Runa have taken responsibility to take “Dharohar” forward. The main motive is to take good music ahead. “ answered Neha. Also, Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi Ji had some insightful additions “I want the musical audience to know what is special about this show and that’s why I named it ‘Dharohar.’ What is special is artists are performing different genres. We are not just restricted to just ghazal, classical,semi-classical. There is a lot of versatility. And above all A. Sivamani (renowned drummer and percussionist) is performing and one cannot miss his performance.”

Catch them performing live on 24th April, Sunday at Veer Savarkar Auditorium Dadar. You can book your show tickets at! Watch the glimpse of this upcoming show in the video below:

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