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Everyone struggles but this kid is an Inspiration

Streets are filled with Inspirational stories in Mumbai. We all work hard to make things work in our life. Everyone is struggling in some or the other way but yet we find few extraordinary people who become an inspiration to us.

Here is the story of a kid living in Mumbai and working hard to have a good future for his family and himself.

He says, “My father stopped working when I was 9, and being the brother to 4 sisters I felt responsible towards them and my mother.

“I help my mother at this stall from 5 am to 8 am before school and after my extra class at about 6pm. Sometimes I get cuts, which my teacher at school bandages, but it’s all worth it in the end– anything to help my mother.” He added.

He also told that “After I go home, I study very hard so that I can keep my grades up at school as well. I want to become an Engineer didi…”

“I want to build something that everyone can use. I want to do it so that I can get my sisters married comfortably. I want to do it so that my mother never has to work a day in her life again,” he said.

Generally, we wish to get things in our life but we hardly move out of our comfort zone. To all those who are reading this look at yourself and see how fortunate you are and make most of it. Do good and good will come to you.


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