Dreams Descent To Reality With Sheer Hard Work – Version ß 2019

Dreams descent to reality with sheer hard work, dedication and a vision. All these ingredients and then some others were needed to make Version ß a reality. However, to make the second edition even more successful, it took double the effort. As Version ß Hackathon 2019 concluded, it’s evident that ISTE student’s chapter MANIT team pulled all stops and gave it all in.

An online idea submission round followed by the 36-hour long national level hackathon. All the problem statements released were closely connected with the immensely important topic of Data Science and Machine learning. It was based on these, workshops were held very recently by ISTE itself, which garnered a great response from students. With five intricately designed and planned questions, they surely gave fierce competition and brain food to the 31 teams competing.

The first problem statement was related to efficient flood rescue. It revolved around flood rescue and zeroing in on areas of the city, which are flood-prone. It also explored a suitable order for the rescue operation. Such a project would have done wonders for those places affected in India this year.

The second problem statement was based on suitable food suggestions for a particular individual. In other words, identify a specific food item and suggest whether or not it is ideal for the user according to their daily calorie intake and workout schedule. It would prove to be a game-changer in today’s world of health-conscious individuals.

The third problem statement-Try Fit prompted the students to develop an app that could create a virtual model of the body according to user measurements and show how particular apparel or accessory would fit them — a handy tool in this digital age.

The fourth problem statement was based on a smart certificate generator. In other words, an app that would accept a template and required data, then automatically create the certificate accordingly.

The fifth problem statement was named Profit Seed, i.e. an application to help the farmers. The app would judge the crop pattern across the nation and take into consideration the resources of the farmer and the weather conditions in that particular area. Based on the above-developed insights, it would help the farmer to decide cropping pattern for the upcoming year to maximise his/her profits

After 36 hours of coding marathon and hours of brainstorming, all teams broadened the horizon of the competitors and viewers, opening doors to new schemes which have not been devised so far. The presentation ceremony scheduled was graced by the presence of our esteemed mentors Mr Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Mr Mrinal Jain and Mr Sameer Khan.

In the presentation, all the teams were given 5 minutes to present their project before the mentors followed by questions pertaining to their presentation.

This competition brought out the most unique of ideas and the teams who emerged as winners were as follows –

1. NIT, Bhopal
2. NIT, Raipur
3. NIT, Bhopal
4. Medi-Caps, Indore

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