Don’t write to sell numbers but to sell your words – Sanil Sachar

An author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a movie co-producer- Sanil Sachar, a 24-year-old from New Delhi, is a man full of talents. From publishing two books and writing scripts, Sanil is a part owner of TRUSOX, a global sports brand and Xpanse Network, a marketing and distribution company which he started with his childhood friend Ishaan. At this young age, he has already achieved so much and there is more to come. Here’s a sneak peek into his journey so far and his overall experience.

#1: Tell us something about yourself, your education background

Education was really important for me but I was someone who was highly involved in playing outdoor sports. I wasn’t the “ideal student” in the class (laughs). I studied in Delhi till 11th grade in Modern School, Vasant Vihar. When I was 16, I moved to Ackworth School to play football for a club in Wakefield, England. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Sports Business Management and eventually came back to India and went on to working in the corporate sector with Star Sports, before leaving the job to start my roller coaster ride as an entrepreneur.

Sanil Sachar
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#2: What was the early experience where you learned that language had power?

I will be very honest with you. I wasn’t a reader at all; I used to run away from books actually (towards a football mostly)! And also writing for me was unintentional. So, the phase of writing came when I was in England, far from home. Actually, most of it started with typing on my phone. Just a way of communicating with myself.I began blogging a close friend, Vir, advised me to do so and over time I started gaining constructive feedback from people all over the world. This motivated me to write beyond my comfort zone.

#3: Sanil, what were the challenges that you had to go through during your journey?

There were so many challenges. But you know at that time I didn’t take them as challenges. Now, in the back of my mind, I do. See, finding a publisher, getting your book published- these were the obvious challenges(however they are a mere procedure for a writer, these are built up as “challenges”). So the real challenge is sticking to your roots. As in, how do you stick to your individuality and how do you realise the motive behind your writing? And if you hold on to your roots, you won’t only bloom really well but you’ll stand out for your individuality.

#4: Ok, so how your first book changed your process of writing?

As we were talking about the challenges, the first challenge set by others for me was- ‘are you sure you want to take an unconventional root by starting your career as an author through the world of poetry.’ And the funny thing was people were suggesting that poetry is a dying industry. But they never explained a valid reason for me not to pursue in reviving it. See, you can’t suggest to someone that they convert his/her way of writing (if you do, then you might as well be kind enough to write the book on their behalf too).

Sanil Sachar
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There are two parts to writing – one is the art of writing, the other is the business of writing and they come one after the other. First, comes the art and then you put your emotions aside and work on the business. So after my first book got published people immediately expected me to churn another. A bit like a factory…well, I tried and went on strike…

But now, everything I venture into, I always look at it as if it is my first time and that gives me the drive but also makes nervous. The second you are nervous, you are vulnerable and have that instinct to protect yourself, and when you protect yourself you work really well because you are out of your comfort zone, working relentlessly to create another.

#5: What are your interests apart from writing?

I have always been very passionate about sports. So apart from writing, there is a company called TRUSOX- a global sports brand (Website) that I am a part owner in and am closely involved with.

But the subject of being an entrepreneur that I’m really excited about is the marketing and distribution firm called Xpanse Network, one of my closest friends, Ishaan and I have started. While we are a firm that caters to needs by representing innovative products and services in India, we are in the process of establishing an incubation centre to house startups and help grow this ecosystem.

Xpanse Network
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#6: So you are working on a screenplay? And also would you like to throw some light on your current work of fiction?

Yes, I am! (Excitedly) It’s a screenplay adapted from a few stories from my book ‘The Dark Side of Light’.

And yes I just about finished my upcoming book titled Rebound.It’s a romantic mystery coming scheduled to release by July-August. It’s a story about a man named Abhimanyu who is born into the life of a circus and escapes his cruel past to fend for himself. While he escapes the chains of the circus, he is left behind with paranoia and anxiety, two traits that begin to define him.

While the story focuses on mental health, it unravels, as Abhimanyu discovers much more about his past while creating a future and then, of course, there is love that shapes newer routes through this mystery. You see, I’m trying to really hard to say things without ruining it. I might give out too much (laughs).

Sanil Sachar
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#7: Sanil how do you deal with your book reviews?

The first time I wrote – Summer Promises and Other Poems; I was in college. And I didn’t do anything as such to check on my book. People would personally message me. I’m always grateful for the familiarity between my readers and me, even though I still haven’t had a chance of interacting with them in person. When The Dark Side of Light came out, people were sending reviews as well.

Reviews are always a sense of motivation because people are actually taking the effort to go through your work. Even if they are negative, someone has taken out their time to give you critical feedback that will be beneficial to you. But sometimes people tend to make comments which are not related to work and that according to me is incorrect. I think there needs to be a new social networking site for those who like to troll, to just stay in one place and bounce off their words amongst each other (this isn’t a venture I’d personally invest my time and effort in).

#8: What are the common traps for aspiring writers?

Don’t write to sell numbers but to sell your words, and be fearless.

#9: Lastly, we would like to know about your future plans

I tend to keep my plans to myself until they are concrete. I don’t like to ‘plan business and tell’, however as mentioned, I am extremely excited about the progress Ishaan and I are making with Xpanse Network. We are planning on launching an emergency use compact, one time use smartphone charger, as a must have safety product for phone users in India.

Being a part of the growth of Trusox is like being an excited child watching your favourite team play each day while playing alongside with them.

As for writing, I don’t want to stop. I like my writing taking over me rather than me trying to take over my writing.

We the team of NewsAurChai thank Sanil for his time and sharing his experience with us. We wish him all the best in his future.

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