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Source: The Indian Express

The prevailing scenario of the country is witnessing news about mob lynching cases and riots on a frequent basis. The statement, “My personal view is that those who say they feel unsafe and threatened in India should be bombed, give me a ministry and I will bomb all such people, not even one will be spared”, delivered by our own BJP legislator from Muzaffarnagar transpires as a disturbing comment. Vikram Saini who is also a lawmaker threatens to bomb those who feel unsafe and considers them as a ‘traitor to the country’.

This statement comes not long after the anxiety expressed by actor, Naseeruddin Shah regarding the safety of his children during riots and how the death of a cow is given more importance than the death of a human in the country. The latter being referred to the killing of a police officer in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr in a mob frenzy over slaughtering of cows. The actor caught in the crossfire was also attacked previously via online media and had to step down from delivering a keynote address at the Ajmer Literature Festival following protests and receiving heavy criticism for his comments.

Vikram Saini who is known for his controversial statements further added, “If they feel unsafe, if they lack nationalistic fervour, they should leave India. They can go to whichever country they feel safe in.” Saini’s statements come without regard to Prime Minister’s rejection given a few days ago, about Shah and his insecurities ‘before the elections’.

Making such jarring comments is not old for our BJP legislator. In the past, he has claimed that India is a nation only for Hindus as it is known as Hindustan and has even threatened to thrash those who disrespect cows. Last year, he went even as far as urging the Hindu population to produce more children until a properly formulated law was passed, during a population control campaign event.