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Development: A Global Cover to Ignore Climate Change

Every country is trying their best to grow and overpower the others in all the sectors such as economic, social, political and other platforms. However, development on the environmental side is still dubious. In this era of competition, everyone is doing their best to lead in every aspect, and thus the environment is put to suffer.

Recently various incidents have been observed which showcased the harmful consequences of these developmental processes.

  • Amazon Forest (Brazil)

Amazon rainforest is said to the lungs of the earth was burnt to ashes starting from the early days of August. It is known for amazing undiscovered wildlife, and unfortunately, the fire consumed that treasure of the world. Many reasons and many people were accused, but as the blame game continues, we should realise what has been lost was something unmatched.

  • AAREY FOREST ( In Maharashtra )

Where the government decided to cut down around more than 2700 trees to make way for the car shed, under the project of Mumbai metro rail cooperation (MMRC). This indicated how trivial the government considered this issue.

  • NALLAMALA ( In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)

Scientists and researchers from AMD (Atomic Mineral Directorate) wanted to do research and mine uranium in this forest for which they needed to cut down the trees. Just to research something within the earth, they were ready to murder the life on the planet.

These are the reported incidents or those that made an appearance in media. There might be such countless brutely activities happening around the world with every single passing second, which never got media attention or media never wanted to cover.

It’s not that people don’t understand about the damage they are causing to the environment. However, they simply want to satisfy themselves and others by pointing out that the developmental projects which are being undertaken are for a better future and better utilisation of resources.

Though, why do they forget that they are ultimately making these limited resources extinct which they require for these developmental process? In the name of development, they are instead contributing to destruction and degradation in a broader sense.

How does the environment affect the climate?

Flora and fauna play a vital role to maintain various biological and ecological cycles, for example – water cycle, carbon cycle, phosphorus cycle and more. These cycles are also linked to one another and play an essential function in maintaining climate stability.

Plants release oxygen which is vital for human beings and all other organisms. It also absorbs carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gas and aids in global warming by trapping the heat of the sun. Now, if trees are getting cut and destroyed, with this pace, then the amount of carbon dioxide will increase in the atmosphere. This will lead to an increase in global temperature and hence, climate stability will get affected.

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the average global temperature has increased by 1.4° Fahrenheit since 1880. As mentioned above, the increase in global temperature depends on the composition of the earth’s atmosphere. It clearly signifies that amount of greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere and hence are trapping the heat of the sun.

Earth is massive, and an increase of even one degree of temperature is a matter of concern, as it requires a large amount of energy to do so. However, human ill actions have accelerated this process of warming by many folds.

Before being a person of any background, we are human beings and children of the earth. Our first and most priority lies towards it. Just for the sake of undertaking various developmental projects, we damage our environment in an incurable manner.

We cannot exist without these elements of the environment, and by damaging these elements, we are only accelerating towards the end of this earth and its life. We have seen many small and big activist and so-called environmentalist come up and speak about the importance of the environment and why it needs to be conserved. But, I would like to remind everyone, the time has passed where we preach, now is the time for action.

I would like to pose a few simple questions to our readers. With development, what do we aim for? To grow and lead by destroying our own existence? Aren’t we trying to develop for our existence? And what development are we doing by destroying the place we live? We are guest to this beautiful place called earth. I hope everyone was taught how to be a good guest in your early childhood. Let’s behave well as guest and protect the planet.


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