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Delhi Violence 2020: Communal Unrest, State-sponsored Or An External Intrusion?

The recent events in Delhi have left India in utmost shame, shock and sorrow, where we saw our rise and kill our own. Articles were brawling in and around media highlighting the instances where we saw communities rising to each other’s aid and striving through the hard time hand in hand. On the other hand, we had slogans like “death ke gaddaro ko goli maro Saalon ko” this obnoxious violence propagating slogans were countered by saying slogans like, “desh ke pyaro ko, Galey lagao Saaro ko”

Academicians have been called out because of their proposals of questions regarding the etymology of the incidence, by saying that it is insensitive and offensive on their part for fixating their focus on the matter of what it is to be called when people are dying. However, this is the most ill-informed, inconsiderate and naive statement to make; it is because people are dying seeking it necessary to trace where and how this was instigated is the only way to understand about the situation.

It is a very shallow narrow-minded, extreme statement to make when one negates the philosophical and intellectual aspect of events as crucial as this; keeping in mind philosophy is what has taken us places that were otherwise impossible to reach through the so-called “practical thinking “ or “realistic thinking”.

The violence in Delhi went beyond communal; it has become an ideological battle of man against man. In the present scenarios of Indian politics, demography–it is impossible or rather unfair to club the population and classify them into Hindu-Muslim, anti-CAA – pro -CAA or any binary for that matter.

Delhi Violence 2020: Communal Unrest, State-sponsored Or An External Intrusion?
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With a population counting to 7 billion, it is reckless and ignorant to categorise them all in two given sides; it would sound as liberal views put forward. However, the individualities of each person participating in the event have to be taken into account to reach a particular overall idea about the nature of the cause of the event. It is not a perfect idea but a far fetched, time-consuming one; it is one of the ways we can figure out why the violence came to force.

Certain media houses took the liberty and initiative to ask around also interview people who resided in the areas under attack, irrespective of their religion they kept stating that the place was a pleasant neighbourhood and that there was communal harmony around the locality. It was people from outside who took law and order in their own hands and created havoc out of the situation.

It gets hard to determine in a heterogeneous society like that of India, the source of problems due to the versatility of the people and their opinions. It is also challenging to explain meaning out of action, that is why India requires brilliant intellectuals to give insights from history, psychology to explain the cause behind such human behaviour. This will help in preventing further destruction and provide credible solutions in the context of prevalent situations.

We have intellectuals delving into matters as long gone as deaths of prominent politicians like Former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri and Nejta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose. If it weren’t for scholars and academicians, we would never stumble upon the thought of them being conspiracies.

The Indian subcontinent has been called out for going into a fascist regime, which is entirely incorrect and baseless statement to make, the recent events are an example for that. The paradox in the population of Delhi for that matter is an explanation why there would never be a common ground on which a particular group shall get radicle and get support from all living souls in the country. The differences inside a religion itself like that of Hindus having different cults who don’t see the commonality between each other makes it difficult for a specific plan to gain all support of the people.

The Delhi violence is not communal but psychological; it’s ego clashes and political propaganda that has been tagged as communal violence. The people who have lost their lives do not belong to a specific community, like the rickshaw puller Prem Singh who was killed when he went out to buy milk for his children.

We have seen signs of state-sponsored violence in the case of Gujarat wherein the president in power himself made a statement that mentioned government involvement, yet the BJP government in the centre did nothing about it.

In situations like this, academics is the only safe and reliable resort for the people of India. Neither Media nor government can be trusted; also people with political significance and associations cannot be trusted. Plus the ones calling our academicians on why they are devious for looking into philosophy and attempting to explain the causes have a highly impoverished sense of knowledge, and it’s bounds.

Indeed the entire riot just brings us to one single question: Agar HINDU-MUSLIM BHAI BHAI TOH GOLI KISNE CHALAI?

Palak Pandey

I am an aspiring civil servant with keen interests in politics , defence and histories . Want the world to be a place of trust and humanity , where one receives reliable information . Let peace prevail .

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