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The Current Situation Of Women Is Against Our Ancient Culture: Amish Tripathi



SIta Warrior Of Mithila

Amish Tripathi, India’s First Literary Popstar launched his most awaited book, ‘SITA: The Warrior of Mithila’ amid an enthralling event hosted at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, on May 29 in Mumbai, in association with Crossword Bookstores and the Oberoi Mall.

Sita: Warrior of Mithila is the second book of Amish’s Ramchandra Series. It was deemed as the most anticipated book of 2017 by landmark bookstores. To know more about the book and his writing process, we caught up with him at the launch event in Mumbai.

What inspired you to write about Sita?

Actually, the Ram Chandra series began at a literature fest. In 2013, after the ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ my publisher and I signed the contract for a new series, but I did not know what my next subject would be. However, at the literature fest, someone came and spoke to me about Lord Ram. Now, there is nothing wrong in questioning our lords, in Vedic Sanskrit, there is no translation for English term ‘blasphemy’. But, it was the kinds of words that were being used that upset me. I was so upset that I decided that my next book would be on Lord Ram and those associated with him. That’s why this book.

How is this Sita (warrior of Mithila) different from the one that we have read in books or watched in TV series?

What you had till now … have you ever seen Sita Maa like this? (Pointing towards the poster of book cover, at the book launch event)

(Amish) No, right! This is actually a kidnapping scene. Here she is attacked by some hundred soldiers, and she is not some ‘Abla Nari’ who was just picked up. So, she is attacked by hundred soldiers, but she is an Alpha Female, so even when she is outnumbered, she will not be defensive, but she will charge. So she charges at them, kills the few and breaks the few head. However, she is outnumbered (100: 1) and hence she loses and gets kidnapped. Have you seen Sita Maa like this? People have seen her like this in ‘Adbhut Ramayan’, but not since last forty years; probably not! So this is new in the book.

You always portray strong women characters, unlike the popular versions of the story. Even here, ‘Sita’ has been titled as a ‘Warrior’; so how do you look at this in reference to the current situation of women in our country?

The current situation is actually against our ancient culture. I always say that those of us, who are fighting for women’s rights that men and women should be treated equally, are actually following our own culture. So fighting for women’s rights is not ‘less’ Indian, but ‘more’ Indian. It was our culture and the sad part is that we have forgotten it.

Your characters are so well sketched that the reader seems to connect with it instantly. Tell us about how you develop these characters? What research procedure or techniques you adopt?

I do not do research while writing because that distracts me. But anything that I do when I’m not writing is research. I read a lot, travel a lot and all that comes in to develop the characters.

Will Amish come out of the mythological genre?

Why not! I have written a non-fictional book, which is coming in mid-August, titled as ‘immortal India’ and also, I might write a historical fiction as well.

Sita Warrior Of Mithila

Source: NewsAurChai Media

There is this one section of society who questions the origin of myths and mythologies. Raises doubts upon the relevance of them in contemporary time. What would you like to answer them?

No! I totally disagree with it. Our Myths are still alive. We are among the few ancient cultures, where ancient stories are still alive. People still believe in it. If you go to Greece today and ask them, do you believe in Zeus? They will say No. If you go to Egypt and ask them, do you believe in RA? They will say No. But in India, if you ask anyone, do you believe in Lord Shiva, Lord Rama? They will say Yes.

So according to you, these myths are still relevant and people still idealizes Lord Ram?

(Amish) Yeah yeah! Across the country.

Many aspiring authors admire and idealize Amish. However, who is that author to whom Amish admires and idealize?

I need too much to give an all time favorite. However, to answer this, from all the books I have read in past 2 to 3 months, I liked- Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Era of Darkness’, ‘The Ocean of Churn’ by Sanjeev Sanyal and ‘Sati’ by Meenakshi Jain.

About The Ramchandra Series: first book; ‘ The Scion of Ikshvaku’ narrated the story of Rama’s birth and childhood it ends at Sita’s abduction. The second book ‘Sita: Warrior of Mithila’ narrates the origin of the adopted daughter of King Janak and maps her rise from an orphan to a skilled warrior who became the prime minister of her father’s kingdom and will end at her abduction. The third book in the series will be narrated from the birth of Ravana to Sita’s kidnapping; after which the story will converge into a common narrative in the later books. Amish has used the multi-linear narrative technique.

We wish him luck for his new book. In case you missed the book launch here is the coverage of the event:

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Sushant Singh Rajput Case Status Update



Sushant Singh Rajput Case II News Aur Chai
On June 14, 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput met an untimely death. News broke that he committed suicide in his apartment. People close to him in the film fraternity he was suffering from depression. The mental illness was put forth as a reason for this drastic measure.
Netizens on Twitter noticed suspicious injury marks and bruises on his body. They raised doubts of foul play in the circumstances of the death of Sushant. There was a call for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the incident. Multiple agencies are investigating the case as of today.


After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, actress Kangana Ranaut levelled allegations against several big names in Bollywood. She claimed that they abetted the suicide of the late actor. The claims made by Kangana Ranaut led to an investigation of the case.

Mumbai Police

Kangana Ranaut accused a segment of the film industry of not acknowledging the work of the late actor. She blamed media houses Yash Raj Films (YRF) and Dharma Productions for deliberately sabotaging the career of Sushant. She added that Aditya Chopra ensured Ranveer Singh got the projects denied to Sushant. Film critic Rajeev Masand was criticized for writing blind items in newspapers.
The Mumbai police called Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Kangana Ranaut, Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Mahesh Bhatt, Rhea Chakraborty and other people from the industry for interrogation. Despite receiving the final postmortem report stating, “No struggle marks and external injuries” were found on the body, Mumbai police continued the investigation without filing a First Information Report (FIR). The investigation of Bollywood personalities continued for 40 days.
The conduct of the Mumbai police raised eyebrows. Under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), Section 154, the police have a time frame of seven days to file an FIR after investigation. The police did not do so. This inaction raised demands for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Central Bureau of Investigation

Father of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Mr KK Singh, lodged an FIR in Patna on July 25. He named Rhea Chakraborty, Samuel Miranda and others who had access to Sushant at his house. The case lodged against Rhea and others included provisions of abetment of suicide (IPC 306), cheating and dishonesty (IPC 420), criminal breach of trust (IPC 420), IPC 120 (B). Rhea Chakraborty, in turn, filed a case against the sisters of the actor. The sisters Priyanka and Meetu are under investigation. They face charges of forgery and wrong prescription of medication.
The CBI started its investigation after the Supreme Court settled the matter of jurisdiction between the states of Bihar and Maharashtra. The court stated the CBI would investigate all cases related to the death of Sushant.
The investigative agency recreated the crime scene at the location. It interrogated his flatmate Santhosh Pithani, girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, his staff and his friends and family. Forensic experts from CFSL (Central Forensic Science Laboratory) examined the incident to aid the investigation. It sought a second opinion from the doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). This was done as doctors at Cooper Hospital did not follow the prescribed protocol for conducting an autopsy.
According to the law, the investigating agency must file a charge sheet within 90 days. Yet, the CBI has not filed a charge sheet. Nor has it yet declared if it is a case of suicide or murder. A PIL filed by a petitioner in the Supreme Court seeking direction asking the CBI to submit a status report was dismissed. The petitioner was asked to approach the High Court.

Enforcement Directorate

The actor’s father, Mr KK Singh, accused Rhea Chakraborty of siphoning ₨ 15 crore from the accounts of his son Sushant. He accused the actress of befriending his son to further her career. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) probed the allegations of mishandling of money and bank accounts. They would determine if the money of Mr Rajput was laundered or used to create illegal assets.
The agency also focused on the companies owned by Sushant Singh Rajput. He owned three companies. All of them were set up between 2018 and 2020 The first one, Innsaei Ventures, was set up by Sushant Singh and entrepreneur Varun Mathur. The company focused on many verticals like films, health, education, virtual reality and intellectual property.
The second company he owned was Vividrage Rhealytix. The company was founded in 2019 It focused on artificial intelligence, exponential technology, mixed reality and experiential technology. His third company was an NGO ‘Front India for World Foundation’, set up in 2020 It focused on poverty alleviation and eradication of hunger.
Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik Chakraborty were directors of two of these companies. They were directors of Vividrage Rhealytix and Front India for World Foundation. Both the companies were registered at the same address – Flat No. A -503, Sai Fortune, Plot No. 15, Sector 8, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, PANVEL Raigarh, Maharashtra.
After examining the evidence, scope and magnitude of business dealings, the ED filed a money laundering case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Examining digital evidence led to the discovery of WhatsApp chats between Rhea and Jaya Saha about administering drugs to Sushant. The drug angle emerging in the investigation led to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). There is no further information about the investigation of the ED in the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

Narcotics Control Bureau

The WhatsApp chats between Rhea, her brother Showik, Samuel Miranda, Dipesh Sawant and Jaya Saha exposed the drug menace in Bollywood. The chats revealed that Samuel Miranda and Rhea Chakraborty were using the funds of Sushant for their purpose. The conversations further revealed that Rhea was procuring and using the narcotic substance of weed in various forms illegally since 2017. During interrogation by the NCB officials, Rhea Chakraborty named fashion designer Simone Khambatta and actresses Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh. Former managers of Sushant Singh Rajput, Jaya Saha and Shruti Modi named more people.
Jaya Saha, a talent manager at KWAN Talent Management Agency, disclosed that CBD oil was procured  for Sushant, Rhea Chakraborty, Shraddha Kapoor and producer Madhu Mantena. The name of Karishma Prakash, former manager of Deepika Padukone, cropped up during the investigation. This led to NCB summoning Deepika Padukone. Other actors associated with the industry have also been questioned. Talent management agencies KWAN and Cornerstone came under the purview of the probe.
The investigation into the drug menace in Bollywood hit the Kannada Film Industry as well. Actresses Sanjana and Ragini Dwivedi were arrested in the drugs case. NCB has conducted multiple raids at multiple locations. Many arrests have taken place. During the investigation, the agency summoned an aide of Dawood Ibrahim, Raziq Chikna and arrested his brother Danish from Rajasthan.

Latest Developments

The NCB, in March, filed its charge sheet in the Sushant Singh Rajput drugs case. NCB Chief Sameer Wankhede himself was present during the filing of the charge sheet. The charge sheet runs into more than 30,000 pages.
The charge sheet named a total of 33 people. Rhea Chakraborty is named along with drug peddlers and other accused. Mr KK Singh is once again in the news. He filed a plea in the Delhi High Court to restrain anyone from using his son’s name or likeness in movies.
“The plaintiff has apprehension of that various plays, movies, web-series, books, interviews or other material may be published which would harm the reputation of the son of the plaintiff and his family”, claimed the suit.

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SuperStar E Awards 2020 To Honor Unsung Heroes Of Pandemic




SuperStar E Awards 2020 To Honor Unsung Heroes Of Pandemic

India’s first largest digital award, SuperStar E Awards 2020, will be honouring the frontline warriors and social media personalities who have played a vital role during this pandemic.

Conceptualized by Cirkle PR & TrendLoud Digital, this digital award ceremony ‘ SuperStar E Awards 2020, saluting every real-life superhero’ will be a recognition for all the first responders who have been consistently putting efforts in dire times of the pandemic

The event will recognize mainly people of two groups:

  • The frontline warriors who have been relentlessly working towards our safety and recovery during this pandemic.
  • The Social media contributors who have been working towards spreading positivity during these times of uncertainty and have been keeping us engaged through their fantastic content.

Along with the many things the pandemic has induced into our lives, it’s also brought about resilience. The new normal is all about seamlessly flowing with change. Many iconic people have stepped on board to lift the spirits of our people.

What started off as a small idea has turned into India’s biggest digital award ceremony. The ceremony, innovatively brought in the concept of the ‘New Normal’ keeping the Glitz and Glamour of pre-COVID award ceremonies intact.

SuperStar E Awards 2020 To Honor Unsung Heroes Of Pandemic

Behind the scene of SuperStar E Awards 2020. (IMAGE SOURCE: CirKle PR)

‘It’s amazing to see people come together during hard times. I was humbled by what I witnessed. We received a great deal of support from celebrities. I’ve done many events in the past but I’ve not experienced this level of solidarity,’ says Lisha, Managing Director CirKle PR.

Speaking on the opportunity, Chidambaram Natesan, Trend Loud’s CEO & Director expressed that there is a need for such awards, and it is an apt time to felicitate real-life unsung heroes who have spread positivity all through the challenging pandemic period. He further said that he was glad that they got the chance to partner and Co-Produced SuperStar E Awards 2020.

The Jury for SuperStar E Awards are; Veteran Actor and Director Parthiban, Anchor Archana Chandhoke, Actress Vani Bhojan and Actor & RJ Vigneshkanth.

The state came together to nominate their favourite Social Media personalities, whom they thought were deserving. Over 8000 nominations received, and six lakh votes came in for the nominations picked by the public and the jury for the 32 award categories.

SuperStar E Awards 2020 To Honor Unsung Heroes Of Pandemic

Behind the scene of SuperStar E Awards 2020. (IMAGE SOURCE: CirKle PR)

The team says that pulling this off was no easy feat, as the team consists of almost 150 people including nominees, technicians, production, coordinators for formatting /organizing participation via zoom calls etc setting up and executing the ceremony was not a walk in the park for the team.

Owing to the pandemic and social distancing norms, the team ensured to give prime importance to safety & hygiene, and extreme care was taken during shoots. They further added that “A shoot spanning six days and a small team on location managed to piece the whole event together. It was a rollercoaster but totally worth it.”

SuperStar E Awards 2020 To Honor Unsung Heroes Of Pandemic

Behind the scene of SuperStar E Awards 2020. (IMAGE SOURCE: CirKle PR)

Event sponsors and other partners include:
Title Sponsor – Havells Super Speed 400 Ceiling Fan
Powered by – Nimyle Floor Cleaner, Indica Easy Shampoo Hair Colour & Havells MCB & RCCB
Associate Sponsor – Amrutanjan Roll On For Headaches On The Go & Chennai Race Bank Coaching Institute For Banking & Govt Jobs
Concept & Event proudly produced by Cirkle PR and Digi Cupid
Co-Producer & Digital Partner – Trendloud

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Lockdown: “Tear Of The Earth” Celebrates Earth Day Over Video Call, Online Contest



50th Earth Day celebration by TOE

As rightly said by Wendell Berry, “The earth is what we all have in common,” this is what everyone must keep in mind. We have to decide now, or there will be no chance to regret it later. As said, humans have this common asset, we have to decide on whether it has to be treasured or not? Every year we celebrate ‘Earth Day’ with a new theme, new pledge, and new activities but the question, are we actually celebrating it just like other festivals which come annually or there is a will or urge in our heart and mind to bring a good positive change for mother Earth. Many organizations and environmentalists are striving day and night to work in sustainable development and to repair the damage we have caused to nature. One such organization is ‘Tears of the Earth’ aka TOE.

I love my Earth, Tear Of Earth Pledge On 50th Earth Day

Source: News Aur Chai Media

The organization consists of a group of young enthusiastic much aware environmental health concerned people who actually think about bringing the change they want to see on the planet Earth. They organize several types of campaigning, sessions, education fair, nukkad nataks, clean-up drive, and much more. All they do is gather people irrespective of the age factor and work together for this Nobel cause.

I love my Earth, Tear Of Earth Pledge On 50th Earth Day

Source: News Aur Chai Media

On this 50th Earth Day, the TOE team comes up together, maintaining the social distancing and using the power of the digital world to celebrate the earth day and thanking Earth being the common and most important factor for the existence of every living being.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated annually, around the world on April 22 to demonstrate and ask for support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in the year 1970, and now it includes events coordinated globally by 193 countries via Earth Day Network medium.

How TOE celebrated this 50th Earth Day?

Even amid Pandemic COVID-19 lockdown, the enthusiasm of the volunteers of TOE teams didn’t slow down. They decided to participate in the event by following all the laws and guidelines given by the Government of India (GOI). They came out with a creative idea of celebrating this earth day, but via digital means, that is, to celebrate within the four walls of their home, doing different activities and pledge to save our planet.

They organized an online campaign and called people to connect by taking participation in different activities, and people actually did participate. People of all generations, gender came out as volunteers without any greed of getting a reward or thinking it as a publicity stunt; they just participated. Might be we can say; when there is a will, there is always a way.

The team organized various activities like digital pledge taking with hashtag #IloveMyEarth, best out of waste material by believing that nothing is truly a wastage, music, and art for mother earth, poster making, Facebook and Instagram live session and all-time favorite plantation drive.

I love my Earth, Tear Of Earth Pledge On 50th Earth Day

Source: News Aur Chai Media

The notable side of all these activities was that the celebration didn’t hamper any of the current lockdown rules or social distancing norms. See, this simple is to follow the lockdown rules. TOE team amazingly celebrate the day, and they all did plantation in their houses as well. So all in three words, we can sum up the Celebration by Movie Manjhi dialogue “Shandar, Zabardast, Zindabad!”

Might be the strength is not that much, but the great saying by Margaret Mead that “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” So the choice is ours now that whether we want to be a part of a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens who care for planet earth or the other one we all know.

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