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Crisis Text Line – A Changing Line

Nancy Lublin, CEO of dosomething.org, one of the largest organisations of the world for young people was motivated to create a text helpline when her organisation received a text telling the horrifying thing that was happening to her. This triggered the launch of crisistrends.org. It provides intimate help to strangers by strangers through text messages. Starting from catering to a few thousand it grew to more than 6.5 million text messages in less than 2 years with a daily average of 2.41 active rescue. What makes them different is that the texts are more intimate and they get facts. These facts are used to create a consolidated data and with the help of this data the system prompts the counsellor question to ask during interaction with the victim. All the data is recorded and analysed and is put up on their site for anyone to view. This data can help to eradicate the problems from the roots by showing the trends in the problems faced by today’s youngsters.

Here is the video which will explain how Nancy Lublin started working www.DoSomething.org a crisis text line.

Hitee Singh

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