CBSE Demand Schools For Mandatory Reports On All Short Attendance Cases

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has now come up with a new strategy to ensure good results. According to its notice to affiliated schools, proper records of all cases of short attendance are to be maintained and reported to the board.

As per the officials, the new rule would improve student’s performance. Board noted that the student’s who have short attendance are being ignored, and aren’t perform well in the examinations. So, now CBSE seeks to have its student’s regularly attending classes so that they can understand better and have conceptual clarity.

Current Situation :

Currently, students require at least 75% attendance in class 10th and 12th, as per Rule 13 of the examination bye-laws of CBSE, to be eligible to appear for exams. However, it has been found that neither the student’s nor the schools have been following this rule strictly.

The student’s and schools have both failed to submit a proper document based on which exemptions can be granted. From now on, the board will strictly monitor all such cases, and the final call for allowing the student to appear for exams will be on the board.

Exemptions :

According to Rule 14, there are certain conditions under which the student will be allowed to sit for the exams despite short attendance. These include prolonged illness, loss of mother or father, or participation in National or International level sports competition. The application for such an exemption will be accepted only on submission of valid documents and proofs from parents as well as the concerned authorities and the school.

It is often seen that the problem of short attendance is more prevalent in rural areas than in urban areas. In rural areas, parents compel kids to contribute towards the earnings of the family. They feel that education would not do much good to their children, but supporting them in earning for the maintenance of the family would be more beneficial.

It might be difficult for CBSE officials to change this mentality. Initially, this might also lead to higher school dropouts. However, if we look upon the long-term consequences of this decision, it is worth the struggle. As once the law is successful, it will change the future of our country. The only thing that we can do now is to wait and watch and hope for the best.


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