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Campus Drift Startup Story

We cannot deny the importance of students in a country, they are the future of a nation they are what will our nation be in coming future. Therefore it is important to ensure that they are directed in the right direction, they are heard and we should be there to solve the problems they face. With this Idea in mind and keeping in view that there are newspapers and magazines for Agriculture, Finance, Employment etc. there should be one for students as well, we began with Campus Drift. An online and offline news portal which provides all the formal and informal information and news related to students in India. I Asif Ali with my three other partners as Somvir Yadav, Deepika Agarwal and Avica Bedi began with this project in Jan 2016 began with a new venture called Campus Drift, a name which was decided after much brainstorming.

We began with a blank website with hardly a couple of hundred visitors and a few of us on board. But in just about 4-5 months we have a team of around 200 people including all the interns. And apart from that we reached 17K engaging Facebook followers and more than 50000 monthly hits on our website www.campusdrift.com. We had a grad event called Miss University 2016 along with a well-established brand like Forever 21 and Wooplr. We are right now reaching out to brands for collaborations and various on ground and online activities that would be the interest of the students.

We aspire to be the best platform Where students can know, learn, speak and of course grow. Our target audience is all of the students without any discrimination of any kind. We are also developing our website in collaboration with other brands to get our followers free online courses available. We train our interns to learn the various industry operations like marketing, sales, finance, HR etc. We help our interns in their growth as a leader via various channels. We serve content in all the available formats like text, pictures, videos etc.

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NewsAurChai Media is a media house which has young contributors ensuring a fresh and renewed perspective to news and recent happenings. We hope to offer sensible articles, which goes with our tag line of 'sense above sensation'.

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