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Blank Paper Fulfilling Thousands Of Dreams

Your academic term gets over and it’s time to make space for the new books in the shelf by deporting the old ones. However, in this process did you check for the unused papers left in notebooks? Do you realise that with every single page wasted you are barring an underprivileged child’s opportunity to get resourced education? We never ever pondered that a small act of negligence can leave such a serious implication.

A team of high school graduates from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chennai in the year 2010 started a project with a noble cause to reduce the wastage of paper by making meaningful use of it for those who really need it.

To throw more light on this, News Aur Chai contacted Gaurav Khemka, the marketing manager of this reverent venture- “Kora Kagaz”.

When and How Kora Kagaz was founded?

The idea was born in 2010, during a round of the competition- “Teen of the Year”. A small idea that clutched the potential of creating a big difference was recognised by the judges; the participant Shreya Prakash (founder) was awarded a seed capital of 5000. Shreya and her friends came together to form a core team who were passionate about driving the cause further. However, from 7 impelling members, only Gaurav is left who along with Shilpa Suresh and Vanshika Bagdy is leading the initiative.

Message that the project’s name, “Kora Kagaz” holds

Along with the cause, even the name has earned lots of applauds. Kora Kagaz means ‘Blank Paper’, which goes well and in perfect sync with the crux operational element of the project. As most of their dealings are done with ‘blank papers’ the name utterly justifies the cause.

How are blank papers used to help the underprivileged? What’s the process, in accordance with which’ Kora Kagaz’ functions?

Firstly, few schools, colleges or any entity that uses paper on a regular basis are identified in the vicinity of an area. Team and Volunteers of ‘Kora Kagaz’ approach these institutions, schedule a meet with either the management or Principle and make them understand about this noble cause. In return, these bodies are pleased to extend their helping hands with alacrity. Team also connects directly with students via assembly announcements.

After the bid, the active volunteers of ‘Kora Kagaz’ collect notebooks, segregate blank pages, compile same size pages and bind them into new books. Later, villages, government schools or even low-income schools which lacks with resources are targeted and these newly developed usable notebooks are distributed free of cost to them.

Kora Kagaz
Kora Kagaz

‘Kora Kagaz’ as environment’s friend

Decreasing carbon footprint is something towards which the initiative wishes to contribute along with Subsidising education. Paper is one of the most wasted natural products. Keeping this in view, Kora Kagaz is contributing in every single possible way to recycle papers into fruitful materials and using the notebooks to its optimal level. Also, the process through which a paper is manufactured has to witness sacrifices of many trees, so even a small step, taken in this direction leaves a sound impact.

Any plan for recycling even used papers? What’s the plot for expansion?

‘Kora Kagaz’ doesn’t have an in-house recycling unit, but the project ensures to see that not even a single paper received by the firm goes wasted and reaches the respective recycling unit via ‘Kabadi wala’.

Expansion: For now, firm’s main focus is to spread the awareness about this noble cause to as many people as possible, so that ‘Kora-Kagaz’ can manage to stand on its own. ‘Kora-Kagaz’ wishes to see a future, where Schools themselves can start the ‘Kora-Kagaz’ initiative, mutually helping other institutions to grow and make sure that every child gets access to basic resources.

Accolades earned by ‘Kora Kagaz’

This year ‘Kora Kagaz’ had a total of 2450 books, of which 2200books were distributed in a few schools around Madurantakam ( 100 km Chennai) in the villages of Chitamur, Nagamalai, Vedall, etc, with the help of Mr Sahadevan (an active social worker), schools who actually need these books were identified and this gestures of kindness were served. Kora Kagaz also earned laurels like in-

2012- Winner NDTV Teens for Green Contest

2011- Changemakers Conference

2010- Teen of the Year 2010 – National Finals

How to contact Kora Kagaz?

Kora Kagaz is very active on social media platform. One can reach through:-

Facebook by clicking here!

Or via

Email- [email protected]

Today, ‘Kora Kagaz’ is more than a project; it’s the smile behind thousands of Children. Little ones eagerly wait for these ‘token of gratitude’ to be received from Kora Kagz. The project stands as an influential notion that strives every individual of this society to contribute in relation to humanitarianism. Insight will suggest that even a small step taken in this direction holds the potential of delivering salient fruit. So, let’s all be the change we have always wished to see in the world.

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