Bigg Boss Season 11 Is it worth your time??

Bigg Boss on colors channel has been one of the highest TRP programs, the reason can not only be the stardom of Salman Khan but the controversies the shop succeeds to create. From season 1 of Bigg Boss has been the awaited reality shows be it Sanjay Nirupam, Rahul Mahajan, Monika Bedi or other controversial celebrities of different fields Bigg Boss manages to invite them for house arrest.

Bigg Boss has been the pinch of controversy since its beginning. All the seasons have made negative benchmarks in TRP market and cases of Salman losing temper over the contestants has also made the news. The house and its luxurious aura fails to comfort the contents, their frustration takes the form of quarrels and cold talks. Quarrels being the main ingredient of attention, their publicity then becomes directly proportional to the number of fights they have taken part in.

Bigboss Season 11
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Bigg Boss winners are winners but all others to play safe games inside Bigg Boss house for survival. They all might not turn out to be winners but are definitely politicians. Season 11 has been high time in controversies due to news of Dhinchak Pooja entering in the Bigg Boss house other contestants like Zara Khan’s beau (Rahul Raj Singh) and others like ‘Gopi’ from star plus daily ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ are probable contestants, splitsville former winner Mohit, sensational tv actress Nia Sharma, Dhakad girl ‘Geeta Phogat’ etc have probably auditioned for the house.

With newer seasons Bigg Boss has brought greater noncelebrity entries making it difficult for the voters to know or acknowledge these non-celebs. Still, the show gives these newbies a wall between the two interfaces, a chance to play their luck. Despite the enormous negativity the show spills, the number of worthless pairs the show creates, the new persona of the contestants the show creates it is a show with high TRPs. So if you wish to learn new ways to quarrel and new crisp gossip then this show will sooth you. Watching it only as a Salman Khan fan to hear wise statements from Salman this show might be the right pick. But the shows might only be a worth watch if the contestants are all known. Good luck to Bigg Boss Season 11.

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