Assam Doctor’s PPE Dance Moves To Entertain COVID Patients

Since the Corona Pendamic started, we have encountered several incidents where people have tried their level best to help, but this time it is about entertaining corona patients. A doctor from Guwahati started trending as soon as his dance video surfaced on the internet.

Dr Arup Senapati of Silchar Medical College and Hospital was caught on camera performing on a Bollywood track wearing a PPE suit to entertain COVID patients.

34-year-old ENT surgeon’s video went viral after his colleague Dr Syed Faizan Ahamad shared the footage on microblogging platform Twitter.

Dr Arup performed his moves on the famous Bollywood track “Ghungroo” from the movie “War”. The original song featured Bollywood star, Hritik Roshan who is well known for his dancing moves.

Even Hrithik shared this video on his Twitter timeline; he wrote, “Tell Dr Arup I’m gonna learn his steps and dance as good as him someday in Assam. Terrific spirit.”

In response to media, Dr Arup said that “After the video went viral, my phone is ringing continuously as my family members, friends and the media are continuously inquiring about it. I am very overwhelmed by the response. It feels good as Assam’s name has been highlighted for me”.

He also mentioned that he learnt how to dance on his own during his school days and had participated in various competitions during his college days.

The viral footage has received over 5.4 million views so far and is still trending.

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