Are we ploughing a hindrance-free pitch for cow vigilantes to hit the violence?

On 3-December-2018, a police inspector and a youth were put to death by the mob, protesting against the alleged cow slaughter in the area. The rampaging mob torched a police post, sat vehicles on fire and pelted stones at cops in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The three hours of violent clash clutches the terrifying visuals of the ruckus that left two dead.

The incident not only vocals the situation of law and order in the state but also narrates the role of government and public. The government in power prohibits cow-slaughter in the state. In March 2017, when Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath came in power he gave the instructions to all the district magistrates and district police chiefs to implement anti-cow slaughter laws and ordered shutting down of illegal slaughterhouses. When the law is in the favour of ‘Cow-Bhakts’ any breach tends to spark anger, especially when religious beliefs are attached to it.

Bulandshahr 2018
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However, a violent representation of anger should not be tolerated. Respecting the religious sentiments need to be the beauty of a diverse country like India, but that doesn’t ask for respecting the dark side of extremism. All the cases of mob lynching that we are listening and reading in the name of ‘गौरक्षा’ is a partial reflection of extremism. Officially recognised authorities should be the concerned body to investigate the illegal cow-slaughter, at no cost people who are curbing the law and order by taking justice in their hands need to be entertained.

The killing of a cow can be a sad event for them, but still, it doesn’t give them right to take the life of a cop, who was honestly serving his duty and a local boy, who was as young as 18. The bigger question here is that who is answerable to the family of martyred Subodh Kumar Singh, whose wife believes that her husband is being denied justice and his son Abhishek asks, “My father wanted me to be a good citizen who doesn’t incite violence in society in the name of religion. Today my father lost his life in this Hindu-Muslim dispute, tomorrow whose father will lose his life?”

Our religious books are the guide to a spiritually healthy lifestyle, it nowhere talks about such bloodcurdling acts. If you truly respect your religion, Neither be a furious participant of some mob nor a silent spectator of the wrongs.

Draksha Sharma

Journalist । Gallivanter । Experimenter of norms । Curious Bug and an admirer of Spiritual learning.

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