Are Emotions Above Law? – Hyderabad Encounter Case

The early morning of Friday came up with a ‘happy news’ for the nation, with the report of four of the accused in rape and murder case of Dr Priyanka Reddy were killed in an encounter. Police stated that while investigating, the accused tried to flee and also attacked the policeman, which ended up in an encounter.

A nation-wide celebration was witnessed, and citizens are pointing this to be treated as an example for other such cases as well. There is yet another set of people who are voicing out, stating that this act was against law and order. So how is this against the law? Well, there are many factually reasons making it is difficult to accept the theory put forward by the police.

Why was this encounter not right?

The law enforcement authorities did not give due respect to the court, which was supposed to pass the final verdict. Instead, they acted like court and chose the decision which public was pleading for. The officials neglected their constitutional duty deliberately, and doubt that this was a well-planned encounter.

What if the four accused were the dummy criminals and there are dominant and much more evil hands behind this? What if they were paid to lie so that the real culprits can be safe? What if they were killed so that the real culprits never come in the light? If there was such a dark person (s) involved, seeing to the current situation, it seems impossible to find them as the final witness is also wiped off. There are many such what if that are still hanging around, which are unanswered.

Doubts like why these accused were taken for reconstruction of offence at the wee time? Why were they encountered almost 100 meters away from the original crime spot? The most noted part is that they were not handcuffed and met to death.

Let’s say, that these accused were taken during odd time as police were unsure of public reaction upon seeing them. They weren’t handcuffed as the accused were reconstructing the crime. However, the question that remains is why encounter to death? As per the law, if the accused tried to flee, the escorting policeman is permitted to use a firearm, but only to hit them on the lower part of their body to fell them; to avoid their absconding and not to kill them.

Let’s keep all these aside, does the police for that matter any citizen has the right to take law in their hand? If so, India would have more mob lynching for pitty reason, and there would always be unrest in a country which comparatively maintains internal peace.

What is wrong with our law and administration?

The law and administration in our country move very slow that even dreaded criminals are not executed for decades, which is a matter of grave concern. The fact that our criminal justice moves with snail’s pace have resulted in two critical factors:

  • the criminals have lost the fear of law,
  •  the victims and the common men have lost confidence in the law.

What can be done?

Do you think taking law in one’s hand is a solution to wipe off crime from society? No, it would only be a shade for people to conduct a more severe crime.

If the system is slow we need to bring in reforms, India is a democratic country, we can make the government and lawmakers check where exactly things are going wrong and what can be done?

Having said that we have a powerful weapon in our hand — the voting right — we elect the people amongst us to serve/govern the nation, so they are public servants; liable enough to answer to us. If they are not doing their duty correctly, we have the right to point and make them rectify it, but in the right and legitimate way.

Being a citizen doesn’t mean only paying tax (not to forget paying tax is a duty) and expecting things to happen; it is our responsibility to look into the matter that concerns our nation. Let’s rise in the right way to fight against social injustice and for our rights.

Kautilya Sharma

Founder @NewsAurChai & @RockShaftIND, | @NMIMS_India | Alumnus | Writer | Passionate Chai Drinker | Political Nerd | Traveller #Beingबंजारा | Optimist । Practical

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