Anxiety More Complex Than You Think

When we hear the word ‘Anxiety’, the first thought that strikes our mind is ‘worrying’. But it’s way more than just worry. It also means restless night sleeps, leaving you awake all night. It’s your brain never being able to close down its operations. It’s all those thoughts you overthink before going to bed. It’s waking up tired even when the day just started. It’s the tension of someone not replying to your texts. It’s simply double checking things, before and after doing it. It’s the negative thoughts that hinder your mind now and then. It’s lack of confidence and hope, both in you and things around yourself.

Man of today has made high commitments but the time availability at his disposal is less, very less and he is continuously haunted and scared by the fear that he is likely to be left behind in this rat race and this leads to a stressful situation thereby causing anxiety and strain. Failure and stress fear to be striving up to the point of perfection. Then doubting yourself if not able to stand up. It’s the continuous voice in your head that says, ” you will fail.”

Anxiety also includes jumping to conclusions without hearing the pros and cons of the situation. It’s always staying on the verge, on the edge of everything, a constant state of stress and panic.

Anxiety is overthinking, as in acting too much, speaking without thinking and also caring too much. It’s sweaty and stress in the internal part but smiling and caring with ease on the external face. However, you won’t be able to gauge that unless you step into the person’s shoes. It is more like thinking about solutions to the problems which don’t even exist.

Anxiety is crying and breaking down when things don’t happen the way you desire them to happen. It’s the want and needs to control things, so you feel in control of something.

We often tend to use words like anxiety and worry interchangeably. However, psychologically it refers to two different states of mind. Anxiety is the state of fear which makes you overwhelmed and overstressed. While worrying is the mental state of being in anxiety. Anxiety is the unnecessary thoughts which continually hinder your mind.

Sacred of being able to stand up in the class to submit your test first, scared of being judged, scared of being underestimated is all that makes up the word ANXIETY.

Remember, it’s not a mental disorder or a disease. It’s a state of mind that can be re-directed by taking regular balanced diets, meditating, exercising and spending quality times with your near and dear ones.

Tanya Madhian

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