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An Entrepreneur With A Creative Mission

Sandeep Sundriyal’s has had an interesting journey from an underpaid roto-artist to a successful entrepreneur and founder of Monkart Studio. With a strong team in India and New Zealand, Monkart aims to help businesses set up their online presence in this digital age by providing a wide range of highly effective multimedia services. Here is a peek at the innovative mind behind Monkart Studio.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela’s quote best sums up Sandeep Sundriyal’s attitude when he decided to launch Monkart Studio. Having worked successfully in reputed multinational companies such as Prime Focus and Deluxe Digicaptions India, Sandeep understands the untapped creativity of the Indian youth. He worked as a Production Manager for Triangle Berry Studio for a while before taking a leap and launching his own Production House in Delhi under the name of ‘Monkart Studio’.

The aim of Monkart Studio is to help businesses set up their online presence in this digital age. He believes that the digital world is ripe with opportunities for business development, and Monkart provides a powerful mix of multimedia services to help maximize their marketing efforts. Whether it’s through visual effects, 2D/ 3D artwork, photography, videography, social media, graphic designing, website development, Monkart does it all to ensure that businesses establish their expertise, build a positive reputation and gain customers’ trust. To ease the communication process for international clients, Monkart has already established itself in New Zealand and has plans to expand further to other countries in near future.

When asked about his journey from an underpaid roto-artist to a successful entrepreneur who has appeared in Times of India (Doon Times) for CYR, Sandeep confesses that it’s a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs. He doesn’t believe in luck, it’s through sheer determination and hard work that he achieved his dreams. He shares that he wasn’t financially strong when he began his journey but it wasn’t hard to convince the financer. Sandeep believes that if there is practicality in your business model and if you have the zeal to follow your dreams, you will get full support from like-minded people. According to Sandeep, he is his biggest competitor. He keeps himself up-to-date with technology and provides creative solutions to exceed client’s expectations.

Sandeep believes in spiritualism and it reflects in the name he chose for his company. The name ‘Monkart’ is not targeted at the nature of his business. Instead, it reflects the intention of establishing it in the first place. Like a monk, Sandeep believes in the power of patience to encourage the flow of creative energy around him. He provides a cool and friendly corporate culture at Monkart to boost creativity at work. He supports the team’s suggestions so that ideas can bear fruit and they can come up with more creative solutions.

Although Sandeep belongs to a middle-class family from the hills of Nainital, he was born and brought up in Delhi. His love for the mountains reflects in his drive to promote nationalism in the Indian youth through the medium of art. Monkart has joined hands with Creative Youth Revolution and released a series of tee-shirts with inspiring designs that attract the youth towards their roots.

Sandeep envisions on expanding the production house into an institutional form soon and promote creativity amongst the underprivileged masses. He plans to launch a scheme for the students from low-income groups and help them by training them in-house and possibly hire them when Monkart expands. He wants to bring about a change in the society through his venture, whether it’s through Creative Youth Revolution or by empowering the Pahadi youths who have a passion for creativity.

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