American Gods
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This summer, not just the “Seven gods” but even the “American gods” await you. Well, who can ever have enough of GoT? Like ever? But what about when you’re counting every breath anxiously waiting season 7? Worry not, my friends, American producers bring to you yet another compelling adaptation, from Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods. All the drama, the mystique, the plot twists, the thrill that your life lacks right now can be compensated by this amazing show.

It’s the perfect blend of sexuality, mystique, wrath, and intrigue. The show with the potential of being the next hook for all the GoT fans. The plot seems to be intense and writers know just to break the routine before it becomes monotonous. With the fourth episode showing Laura Moon’s perspective we get an entirely new point in the plot.

An ex-convict, Shadow Moon, is hired by Mr. Wednesday as an errand boy. Mr. Wednesday is Odin; he is set out a find and unite the old gods in a fight against the new gods. The new gods of America being Technology, Media, Money, etcetera, the shows is basically about the survival of old gods as the faith of people in them diminishes. All the blood sacrifices, gore and violence are for power dominance and supremacy.

Mr. Wednesday || Source: American Gods

The show doesn’t abstain from depicting blood, death, betrayal, adultery, gay porn or for that matter porn, human vulnerability, and much more. It brings out many unspoken topics to the front. It creates space for more discussions. It also has an interesting touch of supernatural elements, just adding to the aura of the show.

Already half way into the season, the show is both gripping and fast paced, we can see that it has the potential of mustering up the largest fan base. I don’t think anyone should wait anymore. Just binge watch the first four episodes and await the fifth like me. I bet you won’t regret watching it.