Amazon, Australia, What Next?

Latest news about the bushfire in Australia has been creating another trouble when it comes to our nature after the hard times that our mother earth faced in the phase of Amazon fires.

Australia became another victim of human irresponsible and evil deeds. The state of New South Wales (NSW) rural fire services is believed to be one among the best firefighter services and thousands of volunteers are trying their best to control and stop these flames. However, a volunteer firefighter of 19 years has been charged with deliberately setting multiple blazes during the nation’s bushfire crisis.

Why is Australia prone to bushfires?

It is a place which has provided a suitable climate for many species like that of eucalyptus to grow. Eucalyptus and its related species consist of leaves which have a highly inflammable chemical component in them which catches and spreads fire very quickly, hence making this place prone to flames and fire.

Climate crisis

The state is facing difficulty due to shortage of water and bushfires spreading with an alarming pace, marking the climate crisis in the city. The high temperature of that place and fast blowing wind with no expectation of rain are acting as a fuel to exacerbate the current situation.

The city is getting dead and destroyed as nearly 400 home has been already burnt and destroyed in the flame. Around 800 death cases have been reported since the crisis started.

Amazon, Australia, what next?
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Along with human beings, many innocent animals had to lose their lives in the flames of fire, many of those animals were part of vulnerable species. Koalas were already on the brink in Australia, and bushfires have killed nearly 1,000 in a span of 2 months.

We have already lost and are still losing energy sources our most valuable natural resource –plant and animal species in the Amazon fires, and now this! Isn’t it too much for our ecosystem?

What will be the consequences?

Emission of smoke and carbon gases contribute towards global warming in the long run, but talking about the immediate effect from the fire is that it lead to the formation of thick gaseous patches in the atmosphere which caused breathing issues especially for people who have asthma. These fires are further increasing the temperature of that place, leading to more evaporation and hence more shortage of water.

Isn’t it shocking and surprising at the same time that despite so much of development and advancement in technology, human beings are helpless in front of the disastrous dance of nature?

Amazon, Australia, what next?
Source: Twitter

The image showing the city of Sydney covered with the smoke from the bush fire, residents urged to stay indoors.

What is the use of all this technology when we have failed to protect our nature and resources with which we have progressed? The worst side is, with the use of technology, we are the sole reason for such damages. It’s time to stand together, work for the ecosystem we live in.

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