Amazon’s in-house glitch costs Cashkaro’s users threat of legal action

Amazon, and Cashkaro, an online cash back website are threatening to take legal action to thousands of their users if they fail to refund the cash-back on returned or cancelled orders.

The users of, who placed orders with amazon and later either returned or cancelled their orders, received cash back despite the in-completion of the order and the refund. This was caused due to an internal technical glitch in amazon’s software. The company continued to give cash back to approximately 20,000 users even though the orders were cancelled/ returned.

Cashkaro, the site through which most of the users shopped on amazon, has been sending out e-mails to all its users benefitted by amazon’s technical blunder asking them to transfer the wrongly credited cash-back or face legal charges.

The mail reads “… As part of year-end account reconciliations, Amazon found and informed us that in the past some of your transactions were wrongly Confirmed by Amazon. This means that even though the order was cancelled by you/Amazon and/or you returned the products, you were still paid Cash back for the same. The total Cash back overpayment amount in 2015 alone is XXXX. Since this amount was incorrectly paid, we have to pay this back to Amazon. We request you to please pay this amount back to us in order to avoid any legal action from Amazon directly…”

Considering cash backs are offered only for purchases above a certain minimum, the value of these cancelled orders have cost the company more than just the lost profit. As evident from the mail quoted, Cashkaro is bound to pay the incorrect credits to amazon, but, a user who wished to remain anonymous said that amazon could not sue them directly, for no fault of their own, adding that he had no problem in refunding the cash-back. The reason as to why this issue hadn’t arisen at the time of these cash backs remains a mystery but, if you are a regular at amazon, then one must be aware that the company does understand and acknowledge how much “we Indians love cash”.

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