All New Google Duo Is Here!

Duo- the name says it all. For the uninitiated, it is the latest video calling app from the house of Google.

How does it look? Simple enough. No need to create an account or log in with mail. The description on Google’s official blog says it’s a“1-to-1 video calling app available for android and iOS”. All you need to do after installing the app is verify your phone no. You are ready to Duo.

Duo’s most and may be only interesting feature is Knock Knock. This one gives you a live preview of the caller by turning on the camera on caller’s phone. If you are calling, you will get a notification.

As this is a cross-platform app, android users will see Knock knock even when Duo is not on. But in the case of an iPhone you have to be in the app to see. Don’t worry; you will be notified of the call, though. Just stay alert!

Also, there is an option to block someone if need be. Best part? They will never know! Of course, you can turn off this whole feature in settings.


Why use another app when there is already similar hangout? Google says it “takes the complexity out of video calling”. Because this app can “switch between wi-fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call”.

Yes! it actually does so. If your network is slow, image quality won’t be good. But that is normal and the voice comes clear enough. I feel it has the same vibe!

3as Whatsapp. Simple. Personal. Real time. What more do you want in an app like this? Safety. Duo is the only app with an end to end encryption. Though some users think it would be better with multiple numbers and live filters for video chat. Well, we can certainly hope to see updates from Google on this later.

Duo really creates a niche among other video calling apps for itself. In India, where android is most popular and iOS is for the chosen few, this app’s approach is refreshing. It may not end the iOS’s Facetime era, but if 10000 download and 4.4 ratings in 48 hours after launch is any indication, other video calling apps may see red in very near future.

After using it, I can only say it’s worth every star in ratings. So, let’s meet Duo, the app which redefines the way of real simple video calling.

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