A feeling called ‘MOM’

My grandma once told me a story about a girl who was naughty and irresponsible and how she always troubled everyone. After the story ended, she asked me, “Do you know who this girl is?” I looked at her very cluelessly and said no, to which she smiled and replied, “YOUR MOM.” I have observed maa since then to find that naughty girl in her, and unfortunately, I fail each day. So, here’s something I want to tell maa after observing her so much.

The day I first opened my eyes, I saw your face, despite facing so much pain, it was full of happiness. Yes, I was too small to remember these details, but I know this because I saw the picture dad took of you holding me for the very first time. I could see in that picture how happy you were to hold me in your arms. I remember how dadi used to love bhaiya more and always take his care, but your love was not based on our genders, it was equal for both of us.

I often forget that you are also a daughter, a sister and a wife because you play mom’s role all day long and slay it. I can’t write in words how you fulfilled all your responsibilities and made us happy, because for you, being a mom was not a responsibility, but a feeling, a feeling of love towards us, your kids.

But maa, I want to ask you for something today. You’ve always been a perfect mom, but for once try to live for yourself, because there’s a woman behind this mother and as I’m a grown up now, I can see that woman more than the mother in you. I know you’ve forgotten all your ambitions and dreams while trying to fulfil ours, but now we are capable of taking our care, and you should focus more on yourself and become more beautiful in your own eyes.

And lastly maa, you’ve always been my idol, and you made me what I am today, so I want to see you become something you always wanted to become and don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’m there for you like you were for me. I know I can’t convey in words how much I love you, but trust me, I love you more than you think I do.

A part of you,
Your Daughter


Riya Sharma

I'm a person with lots of dreams and ambitions and I'm willing to spend my whole life achieving them. I believe in honesty and hard work, so I'm always honest and I put in all my efforts in everything I do. I'm a family person and I enjoy spreading love and positivity everywhere.

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