7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of

Mix helpless heroine, a wealthy hero and a wealthier vamp and voila! Result? A prime time Indian saas-bahu soap. I agree Indian TV shows need a complete makeover, but getting rid of these things could make them a little bearable.

1. Those Strong Arms

When God designed human arms, I am sure that he made them to be used for a zillion things. Still, our heroes don’t seem to mind using it for just one sole purpose – saving the heroine from the fall and staring into her eyes (which I am sure appear the same when you look at them when you are standing or sitting) even when the world around them is falling apart. Don’t we deserve to watch a better-scripted scene to hint at their possible romance than stare at the cliché 1-minute long stare watch?

2. That Fake New Face

No, no, I am not talking about new characters. I am talking about those characters who die only to come back with a new face with the help of such incredible surgery and staleness still lingers in the show. Wouldn’t it be nice to have new faces with new personalities to add spice to a bland taste?7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_02

3. Age Resistant Grandmothers

How I wish I had the option to look ageless! Just for safekeeping (just kidding). No wrinkles, perfect hair and heavy jewellery. It won’t hurt the show to add a realistic touch which must begin by altering the appearances and make an 80-year-old grandmother look like one rather than look like a 30-year-old or better why not cast people who are approximately of that age, nothing beats the natural look. These grandmothers are pretty high maintenance.7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_03

4. Superficiality

Dolled up woman, macho men, comfortable houses, squinting vamps, parenting issues and that’s it. These are the only things a Hindi TV show comprises of. Let’s dig deeper than the obvious. Let’s make the audiences think not about the suspense of the plot but the suspense of the characters. What makes the characters the way they are? Let’s give audiences perspective and make them think. A bad boy readily changes to a good guy because of the good influence of his love, but they don’t show the transition. The struggle of the character to go against his nature and being someone that everyone is expecting him to be. Love-hate stories are now getting boring. How about a love story but with its own challenges. Let the situations bring out the characters with their own baggage and instead of everything being black and white, let it be grey.7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_04

5. Telepathy

I do believe in telepathy. But the idea of people who don’t have control on their five senses to be able to sense the other person’s feelings despite being 10 km apart is just lost on me. Yogis doing that I get it. Regular people, not so much.7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_05

6. Fancy Dresses Heroine Can’t Help Herself With

I have no clue how did our heroine used to tie the dori in her blouse or suit until our hero with his nimble hands came along. All you girls make sure you commit the mistake of wearing it when you don’t have the hero by your side.7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_06

7. Cliché Stuff

Don’t even get me started on this one. There are so many. Hero-heroine spending a night alone in a forest alone with limited resources. Hero beats up the goons and the heroine nurses his bruised hand by covering it with her dupatta. The heroine is sati savitri while living in the 21st century, and the hero is a cynic. They go to bed with makeup and wake up just the same. Wish I didn’t look hideous when I wake up in the morning. The heroine’s mother-in-law is the antagonist, whose only amusement is seeing the heroine suffer. The list goes on. Can the serials be any more predictable?7 Things Indian TV Shows need to get rid of_07

Hitee Singh

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