7 Hilarious Rumours about Demonetisation

Rumours rumours all around, who do you trust?

In a flurry of inconveniences, rumours have only added fuel to the fire. From WhatsApp messages to Facebook posts and twitter updates people have closed their minds and believed anything they heard.

Exasperated by the idiocracy of it all, here is a list of rumours that have made round on all our screens. Let’s stop believing in anything that does not come from an authentic source and let’s start believing people who say, “Bhaiyya hum newspaper wale hain, ye 10 ka coin chal raha hai.”

1. Surge in salt prices

Source: News18

Some wise men decided to spread the word that there’s a huge crisis of salt in the country which led to rumours about its price per Kg increasing to Rs 400. It led to some panic buying, but salt was not being sold at any exorbitant rates in the country.

2. 10 Rupee Coins Demonetised

Source: India Roundup

This rumour created huge inconvenience for people as shopkeepers refused to actually accept 10 rupee coins. Surprisingly enough their proof was a WhatsApp message.

3. GPS chip in 2k notes

Source: Tax Guru

Why? Why? Why would the government do that? As common sense left Indians, rumours about GPS chips took centre stage.

Note: People still have hopes for this one to be true.

4. Cash bags recovered from lakes/dustbins

Source: Press Ok

So why haven’t anyone actually seen one? And I mean in real life and not in videos and pictures.

5. Fake currency of new denomination already in the market

Source: Whatsapp

Did you hear the story about how a man made a photocopy of the 2k note and the used it? I did too. Wonder what that says about the general public.

6. 50 and 100 rupees to be Demonetised too

I don’t know anybody who would keep crores in 50 rupee notes. Do you know someone? If you do kindly go to him and scare him instead of scaring hard working common people.

7. Sonam Gupta bewafa hai

Source: Google
Source: Google

Ok. This one might not be a rumour.

Samia Ahmed

Samia Ahmed was born in India but now lives in America where she is pursuing her passion for writing. Her work can be found in Coffin Bell Journal and Indus Woman Writing. Her flash fiction was nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2019. She has a forthcoming publication in an anthology published by Penguin. She has a masters in journalism. She believes in breaking stereotypes and continues to practice it while petting pretty black cats and sipping chai.

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