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5 Things that should be Banned in India

Banning is a unique power, but seeing the nature of things that are banned and more importantly things that aren’t but should be. When the AIB Roast was banned, it got overwhelming support from the public, mostly evident on social media, we got to thinking if the act of prohibition is really that called for? From “India’s Daughter” to Maggi to Porn, the government seems to ban everything that is liked or preferred by the masses.

Now here are 5 things that strictly need to be banned:

Spitting/peeing in public:

Stop Public Peeing
Source: IBTimes UK

The government is not okay when a girl wears short clothes. The government is not okay when people wear bikinis on beaches. The government is not okay when a lingerie-clad mannequin is put up. But the government is okay when people pee or spit on roads.

Cigarettes and Tobacco

Stop Smoking Ban
Source: Google Images

“Statutory Warning: Smoking is injurious to health,” flash on our screens.

However, the government is too busy cribbing about the minimal extra lead content in Maggi. People have died because of Maggi, not tobacco. Haven’t they?

The ban on donations in Colleges and Schools

School Donation Ban

Deserving students who hail from modest backgrounds go to substitute schools and colleges of their choice, while rich kids and friends of the rich enjoy degrees from the premier colleges and schools that take hefty donations for admissions. Let the needy and scoring ones get in.

Item numbers

Malaaika Arora Ban
Source: Google Images

Be it Chikni Chameli or Ye Mera Dil. Do they help the story even a little bit? That’s where the masala factor comes in and so does the audience. Doesn’t the name itself disgust you? The logic that the government gave for banning the documentary was that it portrayed a wrong image of India. That it was meant to defame India but these item numbers aren’t. Crazy!

Moral Policing

Public Kissing Ban
Source: The New Indian Express

Moral policing has always been present in undertones. A lot of schools and colleges with co-education keep an eye on how close a girl and a boy student are. And oh! Valentines is a havoc! Even if two people are meeting to discuss something important on February 14, they will be viewed as a threat to Indian culture.

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