5 Delightful Offbeat Cafe’s In Delhi

Food is the way to everybody’s hearts. Who doesn’t like to eat and experiment? Delhi, with so many cafes opening every month, provides so much scope for experimentation. So we visited various offbeat cafes (all pretty awesome, we promise) and bring to you a compiled list of our favorites.

1. Ssongchee-Korea Bings cafe 

ssongchee bings

Always fancied a Korean dessert? This is the place to be.They serve the only Bings you can find in Delhi. Bings is a Korean dessert having shaved ice with condensed milk, fruit syrups, and fruit pieces. They also serve amazing Dutch coffee, fruit juices and other snacks such as Kimchi rice, sushi etc. The walls are put up with Korean pop and scripts. This place offers a perfect slice of Korea.

2. Another fine day


This cozy cafe feels like a much nicer extension of your living room. Their red brick walls, stacked bookshelf, all day menu will make sure you keep visiting. From pastas, soups, salads to yogurt pots and omelets, they have a little something for everyone. Away from the crowded spaces, this is a heaven for all those who wish to spend quality time alone or with loved ones.

3. Cha bar-oxford bookstore

cha bar

As the name suggests, their varieties of tea will blow your minds away.Herbal tea,berry tea they have it all. The accompaniments they provide such as muffins and pies,wraps,burgers are pretty cool too. However what is even better than the cafe is the fact that it’s situated just with Oxford Bookstore. Grab a book from the store and head to this cafe. It may be difficult to find a seat since it’s crowded all the time but the cafe will make it up to you by being easy on your pockets. The pretty white furniture with a hint of blues will make you fall in love with this place.

4. Cafeteria & co

cafeteria & co

Situated in Hudson lane,a popular students area,with hundreds of other cafes, this one surely stands out. The place has beautiful blue and yellow chairs with vibes that’ll pull you,if not the Mexican food. Tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas for those who like Mexican food and kicks burgers, fries, pasta for those who don’t. For the sweet tooth, try French crepes. This place won’t disappoint you.

5. Cafe lota

cafe lota

One of the most undiscovered cafes,this cafe is a hidden gem. It serves Bihari cuisine along with North and South Indian cuisines. The very first bite of whatever you order will make you keep ordering. The masala chaas and konkan fish curry are a-must-try. This outdoor seating cafe is perfect for the rainy days and winter evenings. Try the apple jalebi and coconut rabdi for your sweet tooth.

Don’t let the explorer within you die or even rest. While these are our favorites, there is so much more out there for you all to discover. Bon Appetit.

Samridhi Khemka

"You see me as you want to see me". A literature student at Hans Raj,shutterbug and binge-eater,I love watching movies and have a knack for experimentation.I am a bookworm and that's all that there is to me.

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