20 Points That Prove Life Is Not Easy In Your 20s

If your day starts with turning off multiple alarms and ends with ordering some food, then you are in your 20s. In this phase, we make lots of mistakes and repeat many of them again & again as we don’t get time to analyse them.

Here are 20 points that prove life is not easy in your 20s: –

#1: Bunch of challenges

This is the most challenging period of your life. Every day brings out a new challenge for you. “When going gets tough, tough get going”, this expression truly explains the situations we face in our 20s.

#2: Living with uncertainty

In our 20s, every moment is full of uncertainties and it’s hard to figure out what will come next. You can’t predict outcomes of your actions.

#3: Huge chaos

Life draws us into many directions and we can’t know which one is best for us. In this way, we often end up choosing a wrong direction.

#4: Tag of being careless

In case of any mishaps, people always blame you even if you haven’t caused it. They will taunt you for being careless and reckless.

#5: Lack Of friends

As we proceed through our 20s, a list of friends gets shorter. Their interests change and so do yours.

#6: Comparison with others

It’s natural that we start comparing ourselves with others and think that everyone else is doing so well. This doesn’t only let you down but also results in huge frustration.

#7: Desire for more

Our desires never end. In the process of performing better and achieving more, we easily lose our grounds and degrade our quality.

#8: Fear of people’s thinking

Wandering about what people may think about our decisions, we often forget our priorities & dreams and start working according to others.

#9: Extravagant nature

This is most common that we all become extravagant in our 20s. Due to this nature, we often don’t get sufficient funds for necessary things.

#10: Fear of failure (Atychiphobia)

We don’t opt for things because we are afraid of getting failed. Sometimes this fear haunts us so much that it becomes a reason for our failure.

#11: No time for yourself

Amidst the responsibilities which we have to carry out, we forget to relax and do what we like. It feels very hard to find out some time for ourselves.

#12: Peer pressure

Peers try to influence you, to get you to do something. This can result in you doing something that you’d never wanted.

#13: It’s hard to love yourself

It becomes very hard to love yourself when things start happening beyond your expectations. People also start criticising us for not doing well.

#14: Past experiences

Our past always haunts us by reminding our bad experiences and we fear to take new actions because of what happened in past.

#15: Physical fitness: A great challenge

In our 20s, it’s a great challenge to maintain a proper body structure. As during this period, there’s no concrete schedule for work, love .lunch & dinner etc.

#16: Relationships

You love. You like someone. Sometimes you think that other person doesn’t feel the same way you do. Relationships make you crazy.

#17: Debt affects us badly

It’s pretty common that most 20-year-olds are burdened with debt. It has many serious effects like an inoffensive misunderstanding, depression, fear, stress etc.

#18: Personal life Vs Professional life

It becomes very hard to balance your personal and professional life. It becomes hard to create time for your family and friends but people don’t understand your priorities.

#19: We put things off

We develop a very bad habit of putting things aside. We often put aside our long-term dreams, we think that we’ll have enough time for them later. This habit gets us nowhere.

#20: You’ve to figure out everything

You don’t have everything figured out. You have to make your own choices, own strategy to achieve something.

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