15 Signs That She Is Using You

Ever thought that the girl you are dating turns into a saint when she wants to shop and evil when you ask for a favour! Life teaches everyone a lesson from time to time, and today we are telling you the signs that the girl you are dating might be just using you and playing with your emotions. As we all know that a woman is complex and is really difficult to read her mind. However, we will now try to help you understand whether she is really in love with you or just using you for her gain.

Here are 15 signs she’s just not worth your time.

  1. If she calls you even at 2 AM, you are supposed to pick her call, but she cannot be located even by GPS when you need her to talk your heart out.

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2. She is never in the “mood” to hang out with you usually, but if she is bored, you’re the guy she will call.shes all that GIF

3. She is always busy in her own world when you are telling your problems to her, but she wants your total attention to listen to her issues calmly and patiently.

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4. When she has nobody to go with she drags you along, but starts ignoring you the moment she meets her friends. She never makes any attempt to make you feel comfortable around her group of friends.

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5. She conveniently implies that you’re going to pay every time you two hang out.

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6. She takes advantage of your courtesy and asks you for favours all the time. You get her phone recharged, accompany her while shopping when her girl best friends are busy, you cover-up for her while her parents call, do her assignments and whatnot. You’re deemed to pick her up, drive her around and then drop her wherever she wants. She literally lives off you. She’s basically made you her as a personal assistant.

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7. She never responds to your calls or replies to your texts, unless, it benefits her in some way, of course. She is always prepared with excuses like “Oh, I forgot” and “I’m extremely sorry”, I was just about to reply to you, but…” However, she gets mad if you do the same.

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8. She’s never apologetic for her blunders, never. You can notice this by the way she turns the situation by crying. It always ends up with you cheering her, even though she was at fault.

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9. Although she expects you to do everything a boyfriend does for his girlfriend, she denies acknowledging the relationship. She keeps nagging you that you’re ‘just friends’.

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10. She makes you cancel your other plans for her and then inconsiderately bails out on you at the last moment. What’s worse is that she’s never even remorseful for being so insensitive.

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11. She uses you to make her boyfriends or her ex feel jealous. She’s surprisingly flirtatious with you in the presence of her friends and her ex. While it makes you feel good about yourself, you must know that she is just using you as a medium for her gains.

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12. She’s always seeking your compassion. It is more like she coping up with you just that you make her feel better about herself.

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13. She is more interested in how much you earn, which organisation you work for, what sort of people you hang out with, the eateries you go–than who you are as a person.
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14. Even though she goes out with you all the time and makes it look like she’s interested in you, she has never acquainted you to any of her friends as her boyfriends.

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15. She utterly shows no interest in your life. It only concerns her and all the freaking time.

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One day or the other, she’s will undoubtedly show her true colours, and it’s going to hurt you badly. You’re better off without selfish people in your life. Watch out for these signs as these are really helpful. Wake up, and walk off before you go too deep into her trap and get dumped!

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