13 Reasons Why : Beyond The Reasons

13 Reasons Why is an American drama-mystery TV series based on the novel, “Thirteen Reasons why” by Jay Asher. This series was released on Netflix on 31st March 2017.

The whole story revolves around a teenager boy Clay Jensen and a girl Hannah Baker, who ends her life after suffering a series of demoralising activities and inhuman treatment by the students at her school. She recorded 13 cassette tapes before committing suicide telling the reasons why she ended her life.

Here are the 13 reasons why you must watch this TV series:

#1: To understand a girl’s life

You would understand, how a girl lives her life in odd and even circumstances. This will help you in developing an idea how bad their lives could be.

#2: To see the effects of bullying

What can be the worst bullying? How even the silly things that we don’t call bullying could affect the person? This series will answer such questions in a very affecting way.

#3: To feel how it’s like to have no friends

What if your friends stop treating you like a friend and start humiliating you? This series will tell you how it’s like to have no friends, how it’s like to have no one to even share about your day.

#4: To understand the blank feeling

How it’s like to have a blank feeling? How it’s like to feel lost and empty? You might have gone through such circumstances, But this series will provide you with a realistic version of blank feelings.

#5: To know the choices a girl can make

What are the choices a girl can make, when something goes wrong? Can she tell someone about what happened to her? Can she expose the culprit in front of everyone? You would see how hard it is for a girl to make choice during tough times.

#6: Can little things make us happy?

When things are complicated, then even the little things like “someone sending you a picture of cute bunny” would make you very happy. You’ll see how such little things matter to us when there’s a lot you are going through.

#7: To understand a teenager’s challenges

Teenage is the most sensitive period of life. In this phase of life, equations change before your eye blinks. Watching this will give you a generalised idea of the challenges a teenager has to face during this period of life.

#8: To develop a different mentality

Many times, we make our mentality and don’t want to see things from someone else’s point of view, we think according to our mentality. This series will tell you that there’s always another point of view and we never know which one is the right one.

#9: To shape your personality

This TV series will change your personality, It would add some charming attributes to your personality and make it more attractive.

#10: To change the way you think

We all think and talk differently about the things that matter to us, but what about the things that don’t matter to us but do matter for others? This series will change the way you think about the things that affect others.

#11: To feel the ‘pain’

What pain really is? This isn’t just about being sad or feeling bad. You would see and feel what pain really is and how worst it could be.

#12: Do we really run out of options?

You would have heard that a person committed suicide because he had no options left. You might have wondered that does this situation really occur? Do we really run out of options?

You will get all these answers after watching this.

#13: It will make you value your life

Don’t you want to celebrate your first birthday again?

Do watch it guys!!


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