10 Things That Happen To People Who Overthink A Lot

Some people seldom think, and others seldom give rest to their mind. They keep thinking and thinking and thinking leading to “overthink” state where they no longer have peace and usually end up messing up their situation. Here, I’ll show you specific positive and negative points about overthinking.

#1: Biting Nails

Biting Nails
Source: Gurl

Most of the overthinkers are bald and have short nails. LOL, they scratch their head so much that they end up with a weak scalp and turn bald within a few years. They even bite their nails to such an extent that it’ll take ages to grow them again up to the normal size.

#2: Confused Expressions

confused Overthinking
Source: Funny Or Die

They are found with a “confused” expression, most of the time. It’s not that some people have weird faces, it’s just you catch them when they’re thinking way too much.

#3: Aggressive When Disturbed

Annoyed Overthinking_1
Source: Google Images

They are extremely aggressive when they’re disturbed in between their thinking process.

#4: Shouts At Self

Shouting Overthinking_1
Source: Seventeen

In the middle of a silent room, you’ll find them shouting. No, no they’re not retarded. It’s just they’re too tired of themselves thinking way too much.

#5: They Know Both Sides Of The Story

Know it all Overthinking
Source: Giphy

They always know the worst and the best side of their situation. Hats off to their thinking power.

#6: Always In Deep Thought

Source: PandaWhale

Sometimes you’ll encounter them when they’re in their deep thoughts where even the sound of the train cannot disturb them.

#7: Always Aware

Aware Overthinking
Source: gif

They are always aware of what next can happen. They have thought of all possible outcomes, which somehow benefits them. And as expected, they have thought of the solution as well.

#8: Lost

Lost Overthinking
Source: Tumblr

In their friend circles, they are Mostly known as “lost” personalities. They are always lost in their own world of imagination and thinking.

#9: Extra Careful

Careful Overthinking
Source: Tumblr

They are the ones who sit in the exam hall for the longest. Even if they know the answer, they think not just once, not just twice, not just thrice but way more just to be 10000% correct

#10: Restless

Reestless Overthinking
Source: Tumblr

Last but not least, they roll at least 20 times on their bed before falling to sleep. Overthinking can make you so skittish.
I would like to tell all the readers, think, maybe think twice or thrice but not beyond.

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