10 Insane Beauty Trends Of The Decade

We all love following those beauty trends that celebrities don, or we see models sporting on the runway. Not all of them turn out pretty well. Here’s a compiled list of our favourite beauty trends over the decade, some of them are popular even today.

1. Smokey eyes


Going to a party and want to look fabulous? Smokey eyes to the rescue. Smokey eyes with nude lips are a great match and perfect for taking your makeup game to a whole new level and also easy to perfect. Just make sure you don’t go over the top by putting dark-coloured lipsticks. Ever since Troy Jensen (makeup artist) completed it, it’s been seen worn by almost everyone. This one’s beauty trend is here to stay.

2. Dewy Makeup


This trend has been going on and off with time. Dewy cheekbones, dewy eyes, this trend has undoubtedly found ways to get back in pieces if not altogether. From Kim Kardashian to Sonam Kapoor were seen wearing dewy eyes on various occasions. This trend looks too pretty not to try at least once.

3. Contouring


You cannot think of contouring and forget Kim Kardashian. One of the most famous celebrities, this is her favourite trend. If one perfects this trend, there is no way one can step out without it. Runaway models, celebrities and many more have loved it and sported it for years without fail. It highlights your facial features making you look beautiful.

4. Balayage


This timeless technique has quickly become one of the most loved hair colouring technique. Additions like swirls have been made to this technique, but it still changes the look. The speciality of this technique is the natural-looking effect. Over the years celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra have loved it.

5. Red Lips


Another classic makeup trend that’s easy to follow and instantly jazzes up your look. There’s no way that red can ever go out of style. Every year red makes a comeback with slightly altered shades of red, be it ruby red or vermillion. From Dior to Gucci, all runway models are seen wearing red. Many celebrities sport minimal makeup with bright red lips. It’s a make or break trend. If you do it right, it’s good; you do it wrong, it’ll turn out to be a disaster.

6. Headbands


Perfect for the days when you have oily scalps, this trend surely covers it and also makes you look chic. The journey of headbands has undoubtedly come a long way. From Gigi Hadid to Aishwarya Rai, almost every celebrity has been seen wearing a headband. Headbands were also worn by models and stars back in 2010, but they surely have made a strong comeback.

7. Fake Tan


The best thing about tans is that almost everyone looks good with one. A little glow is something everyone loves and that too without the sunburns. A lot of fake tan cosmetics are available today but what is remarkable is how this trend has been followed since the early 2009’s without a hint of doubt. When in doubt, go for a fake tan. Fake tans can also turn out to be a disaster if not done carefully.

8. False long lashes


Long lashes are just what your eyes need. They add a hint of drama without going over the top. This trend has been in since 2014, and there’s no looking back. Sonam Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri swear by this trend. Kylie Jenner sports this trend every day without fail.

9. Pixie Cuts


The first image that pops in the head when you think of this cut is of Anushka Sharma from PK or Kangana Ranaut from Tanu Weds Manu-2. That’s how fashionable and elegant this cut is. Hollywood has been a little more experimenting with this trend, given that almost all celebrities have at least once undergone this major hair trend.

10. Manicured Nails


This is the one trend that can never be forgotten. Perfect manicured nails, be it round or square is a hit. The touch of sophistication that it adds is incredible. It’s been a trend so long now that it almost seems like a necessity. Obviously, with the years, variations and modifications such as pointed manicured nails and manicures with bling have been made. This trend is irreplaceable.

Check out these never-fading beauty trends and during this festive season give yourself the required touch up and make your own runway.

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