“Bond. James Bond”- 7 Best Bond Movies

A Tailored suit, four walther pistol and a dry martini in his hand, 52 years, 23 movies, 6 actors later we are still not tired of this agent.To any Bond fan, all of them are at par and defying this rule, I present the top 7.

1.Skyfall (2012)

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The latest one; it made us believe that Bond falters and is a human by ditching the hilarious, incredulous fighting sequences. An impeccable cast with Ralph Fiennes as a candidate for M’s position, Javier Bardem as the rogue MI6 agent with uncanny similarities with Bond, Albert Whishow as the new, young Quartermaster brings a new freshness to the character and as he so eloquently puts it, ‘Age is no guarantee of efficiency’ and our beloved Judi Dench and Naomi Harris as M and Moneypenny, respectively. This one goes personal and digs more into Bond’s character than ever. The part where Dench dies in Bond’s arms tears you up and you can see the mother-son bond between those two. The cherry on the cake is the title song by Adele.

2.Goldeneye (1995)

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Pierce Brosnan made his debut as a Bond with this movie. It has all the ingredients of a Bond movie- an amazing stunt before the opening credits, a car chase; the villain with a lair; an explosive final scene where the villain is thrown off on concrete and a tennis field sized satellite lands on him. Also Judi Dench debuts as M and chides M for his sexist behaviour. This movie began the new era of M and where he/she began to be more than just the figure head of MI6.

3.The World is Not Enough (1999)

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James Bond is assigned to protect Elektra King, daughter of an oil tycoon, who may be the target by the KGB agent turned terrorist who is immune to pain due to a bullet lodged in his brain. Elektra King is one hell of eye candy and there is more to her than meets the eye. Denise Richards portrayed as a nuclear physicist, amps up the glamour quotient.

4.Casino Royale (2006)

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Our very own Bind goes soft in this one. Vesper Lynd may be one of the best Bond girl till date and a sure match of our shaken-not-stirred agent. But our agent doesn’t do well in love and is left betrayed and hurt in the end. The locations are beautiful and what is more beautiful than our hunk leaving MI6 to be with his love only to be stomped upon. As his debut as James Bond, Daniel Craig did more to his character than any of his predecessor could do during their stint as the MI6 agent.

5.You Only Live Twice (1967)

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Written by Roald Dahl; this movie with one of the best Bond villain- Blofed- the head of the SPECTRE. Larger than life, unpredictable and sometimes tense, this is perfect to watch when you want to see Sean Connery at his best.

6.Quantum of Solace (2008)

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Following the death of his lover in Casino Royale, Bond goes personal and hunts those down who blackmailed her. An injured lion still wants to roar and so does Bond which leads to disagreement with M who wants him to take leave following his heart break which he hides behind his rage. It was also refreshing to not to see our agent shoving his tongue down some woman’s throat and stick strictly to business.

7.For Your Eyes Only (1983)

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It offered a more serious take on the character and an escapade from comical scenes with Roger Moore playing the slick agent. Picturesque locations, engaging storyline and great cast, the movie featured great underwater visuals.

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