When ‘DADA’ Becomes BCCI President

Former Indian cricket team captain, Sourav Ganguly is one among the most loved and praised cricketer. The 47-year-old Ganguly is also known as ‘DADA’, Prince of Calcutta, God of offside because of his versatility. His retirement from cricket in the year 2008 was not an easy truth to be accepted by the entire nation and his fans. Afterwards, he stepped his foot forward in various other fields where he worked as a commentator and critic. He is also one among the four members of the Indian Premier League’s Governing Council, responsible for the functioning of its tournaments. BCCI surprised the cricket fans with the new decision recently.

Dada who heads cricket association of Bengal has been appointed as the president of BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket of India) on 14th of October. It was preceded by a meeting on Sunday which was held in Trident Hotel in Mumbai, where a list of nominees for BCCI’s new office-bearers was finalised.

According to some reports, Mr Ganguly was offered the position of Vice President at first place, but he denied it. However then Anurag Thakur, union minister of State stepped in and convinced that he would be a favourable candidate for president’s post for which Brijesh Patel was also chosen.

It has happened for the first time in Indian cricket history when a cricketer gets to become the president of BCCI.
People gave mix reactions when they got to know the decision. Some said that it was the right decision as they find Ganguly to be a deserving person for this position who can help to enhance BCCI’s tarnished image.

Ganguly took over the captaincy when the image of cricket got tarnished due to the match-fixing scandal, selected as the captain during those problematic situations was not less than any challenge. Ganguly not only helped to improve the situation but also guided the game in the right direction and intensified the love and craze for it among people. Now as he has been appointed again in times of difficulty when BCCI’s position is not at par– he has taken a great responsibility to uphold the institute. For cricket fans, it seems as if the history is to be repeated.

On the other hand, people have criticised this decision as they find something questionable about it. People believe that a well-established politics precede this decision and BJP has a tremendous supporting hand behind it. This flame of doubt and suspicion got more intensified when Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah became BCCI’s secretary, and Anurag Thakur’s brother Arun Singh Dhumal became treasurer.

West Bengal assembly elections are near and going to be held in 2020. It is believed that to win votes in the state BJP favoured Ganguly, son of Calcutta while keeping some political considerations in mind.

It seems like politics is still controlling many sports and weakening the power, originality and responsibility of–Mudgal committee, Lodha committee and the committee of administrators appointed by the Supreme Court.

What made Ganguly deny the proposal for being vice president is not yet known. However, his acceptance for being president after rejecting initial proposal arouse suspicion in the minds of people. Was he already aware of the following event?

There is no place where politics has not reached; it has corrupted the power and image of various institutes by playing on the back foot. Besides everything, we can only hope that Ganguly who has become president– out of either politics or full-fledged justified process proves himself as a deserving person for this position and improve the situation of BCCI.

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