Virat Kohli’s Captaincy Begins

Best player – Kohli
Best T20 player – Kohli
Best ODI player – Kohli
Best Test player – Kohli
And now the Captain.

Virat Kohli captaincy begins with a stupendous century signing the seal to make India win!

Virat Kohli, the phenomenon has taken this game of ball and bat to some other level. With his 2016 being made his own and this new year seems to have new responsibilities with captaining for ODIs and T20s handed over to him. However, this burden of captainship doesn’t seem to bother him much as he kicks off 2017 with the best if him – his technique, unfaltering fitness and an unparalleled ability to regulate.

Virat Kohli
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After having a poor tour of England in 2014, Kohli decided to have some technical adjustments in the team and in his game. He might be short tempered and not as persevering and patient as Dhoni but he is not so arrogant who would groove or ignore his predecessor’s advice. This is essentially seen in India’s win on Sunday against 1st ODI with England at Gahunje stadium, Pune. Kohli had put his shots in an array which simply took one’s breath away. “If we can believe, we can win” was the mantra on which the game against England was played.

Along with Kohli, a new player Kedar Jadhav was seen playing tremendously well contributing by scoring 120 runs. Indian captain is the fastest batsman to reach 27 centuries in ODO and the first Indian captain to win 5 successive test series and this will be 6th!

India vs England 2017
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He is just 28 and the way is walking his way out among the stars and is already being discussed and talked about the impact he has on Indian cricket. Although this being England’s highest ODI score in and against India, we still managed to knock them down.

One stroke which no other player could have carried off to Chris Woakes won people’s heart and led India to win by the target of 350 runs along with 3 spare wickets and 11 balls. Interestingly it was regarded as the ‘short of an era’ and people were looking for adjectives to describe this innovative shot by our very own new captain.

Tracing back the history, apart from literature , the resistance movement could also be seen in the politics of cricket as it was the game introduced by the Britishers during their colonial rule in India and surprisingly Indians learned and started playing better than the English Nawabs proving the point that India V/S England has had rivalry since 17th century.

This 1st ODI match on Sunday not embarrassed the players but also the hearts of each and every Indian. However, at the end India being the winners, it seemed so simple since everybody knew Kohli can do.

Thus the England cricket team is currently on a tour to India from November 2016 to February 2017 to play 5 tests, 3 ODIs and 3 T20 matches. The five test matches have already been won by 4-0 and now looking forward to achieving more under Virat Kohli’s captainship.

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