Upcoming healthcare startup LyfLink organises a Senior Citizens’ Walkathon in Bhubaneswar

Lyflink marches for walkathon 2017 in the midst of greenery. For a healthier lifestyle and incorporate more walking into our great senior citizen’s lives, Lyflink director Dr. SARTHAK PATNAIK is now introducing first ever ‘1kilometre walk’ in Bhubaneswar and followed by medical wellness campaign to all the participants. Walkathon is a one-hour walking walk for the senior citizens of Bhubaneswar. The concept of walkathon conducted is to bring the awareness of how important a healthy life is, especially to our elder generations. And the event ‘Walkathon’ is covered by media and radio partners.

Many senior citizens prefer moving around in a vehicle as it is more comfortable and convenient than walking around on foot, this brings down their health status every day as walking and exercise is essential to lead a healthy and disease-free life. So whenever and wherever the situation permits in our day to day activities, a step towards it should be encouraged.


Lyflink is an online doctor consulting organization that takes a keen interest in the healthier lifestyle of everyone. It consistently connects to doctors across India through the health app which helps in consulting doctor’s advice anywhere anytime.


Lyflink provides a secure and encrypted platform for patients and doctors to communicate online. They take account of the entire family for the safe recording of family’s health records, consultation reminders, health insurance claims. It also offers hassle-free communication through video, audio, and chat services. The Director of Lyflink, Dr. Sarthak Patnaik has a varied knowledge in medical consultation, clinical research, health education and lot more.

Lyflink Walkathon 2017
Source: NewsAurChai Media

Amidst the refreshing winter breeze, early sunrise, it’s an initiative taken by lyflink, to take a walk for health. So let’s mark our calendars and gear up for the event.

Timing  – 7 AM to 8 AM (Followed by medical checkup and wellness activities)

Starting Point (Venue) – Master Canteen Square to Ram Mandir

The route of the walk for the spirit of the 60’s: The length of the walk is 1 km. The starting point is Master Canteen and the finishing point is Ram Mandir, which is the city’s main attraction. The route has the spectacular view of blissful greenery and beauty of Bhubaneswar. The trail is flat, gentle and easy which is suitable and perfect for the senior citizens.The estimated time needed would be one hour for the walk followed by health check up.Everyone could feel the energy at the end of the walkathon.


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