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The Artist Shoppie For Every Hippie!

A gift though small or cheap is welcomed with a warm smile and open heart. A gift is never valued on money, it is valued on the love and affection the giver possesses while giving it to the destined. Here’s Artist Shoppie, they help you create memories. They make personalized gifts, which perish with time, but are etched in one’s memory!
Ever wondered if you could gift your loved one a rose with his/ her face printed on it?
No, right?
Let me surprise y’all, yes, one can absolutely gift a printed rose! Isn’t that incredible?
Sonal Agarwal and her friend Navneeta Reddy founded the company Artist shoppie. Sonal is a student of Fashion Design.
The inclination towards art and craft, their mutual ambition eventually was the reason behind this venture. They have been in the industry for two years now. Although the procedure is one of a kind, it seems to be tedious, probably it is.
They are two young girls who are accessory and apparel designers on a mission to make India stylish and a better place to live in with the idea of E3-ecofriendly, economical and eccentric. Sonal  and Navneeta are B.com graduates based in Hyderabad. They studied in the same college and always had the taste and inclination towards art and the likes.  They started this venture two years back, that is in 2013. Initially they pursued it as  a hobby and operated at college level and sold handmade jewelry and accessories to friends and faculty.
After receiving a warm and amazing feedbacks, they decided to take this venture a step ahead, this was the turning point. They wanted to make this hobby their profession and the outcome of their ideas was -ARTIST SHOPPIE , their apparent baby! It grew out of a lifelong passion for handmade art, design, and jewelry as their love for handmade personalized things was their ambition in life. In ARTIST SHOPPIE they put their heart and soul in making each and every piece a true work of art and one of a kind.

Why handmade and  handicraft ?

When you buy handmade, you are buying more than just an object, you are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and failure. You are buying days, weeks and months of hard work and moments of pure JOY. However,you are not just buying a product, you are buying a piece of heart, a part of soul and a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly you are buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about. You are buying the creativity and innovation of the person who has spent all the life in creating a new piece everytime. Their passion is not only restricted to handicrafts or handmade items.
One of their other innovative and creative ideas are printing photographs on roses and etching photographs on chocolates. Isn’t that cool? This step of theirs proves that one’s passion can never be subdued, one’s passion and educational qualifications might be poles apart.
Eventually shifting focus from handmade stuff they have recently launched a clothing line with the title series called ABRA-KA-DABRA. However, women are shopaholics but they wear clothes for a shorter span of time. Hence, these clothes find their respective places in the corner of their wardrobes. With this idea to innovate, they sketched this scheme. Customers now have an option of customizing their old clothes  from Artist shoppie and get a new makeover done in a few bucks and in various styles. This option is restricted to people residing in Hyderabad only due to the logistical restrictions!
Sonal says,“We design for INDIVIDUALS! We handcraft every single piece of jewelry and gifts with love and care to suit the requirements of each customer and make handmade and ecofriendly seem fashionable and cool again”. And this sets them a class apart from others. Anyone, from any age group who is looking for something un-usual, artististic and bespoke is their target audience. Customer’s feedback is what keeps them going! They love to see their client’s awestruck faces and their smiles that reaches their eyes!
Their innovation is one of a kind and their ideas are creative and makes one curious.

Chetna Bhora

Fun loving, writer, poet, photographer and an avid reader. Observation and analysis define me. Love for nature and animals is infinite. A journalism student from Chennai. An immense lover of thriller and crime stories. Love for Batman is beyond universe! A motivator, encourager of talent and art, does here and there counselling. Life is too short YOLO, so live it to the fullest!

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