Star India wins and shines in IPL Media and Broadcasting Rights

“Cricket has a strong foundation and continued to be strong , healthy and very competitive in our nation.”

A change is good. But the change that took place from past 10 years in India, Cricket and IPL is tremendous. Along with these, Star India who has actually become a star today developed from its core roots too. Now, very recently Star India took a hike by sweeping off and winning Global Broadcasting Digital Media rights to IPL(Indian Premier League) for next 5 years. And shockingly, they won the bid for such a huge monetary value. It’s unbelievingly 16,347 crores.

The CEO, Uday Shankar successfully brought IPL to the rightful home of cricket in India. Even the awesomely performing companies like Facebook, Reliance Jio, Bharati Airtel and Sony could not withstand its highest global bidding. “It was a bitter battle between broadcasting” one of the director at sports marketing firm said.

IPL Bidding 2017
Source: NewsAurChai Media

Few surprising facts that are effective and change the structure of IPL and Star India for good.

Star India will make IPL, the costliest cricket property in the world. I.e., by paying 54.5 Crores per match

As the New king, Star India owns the rights of BCCI(Board of Control For Cricket In India), and it pays 43 Crores per match.

Technically, BCCI owns and runs the IPL.

Sports takes a high demand and great change , the way it is distributed in India.

Due to IPL, Star India makes money adversely with higher advertising rates on digital media. It is well versed in negotiating with advertisers and distributors.

IPL will be the most heard in sports world,.where due to this, Star India has its reach to 85% among all sports channels. And it also holds broadcasting rights for Kabaddi, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and many more.

An amazing sales revenue is hitched and expected to be more which is 2050 crores, and 93% of total advertising revenue according to KPMG study. Unfortunate to Sony, which settled at 120 Crores.


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