Sketch Your Long Weekends

The weekend is a short term for “no office bugs”. With your heavily scheduled weekdays, you all need to have periodical work detachment and have the “me-time” for yourselves. Your weekends should be different from your weekdays. People generally like to wind up their weekends by sleeping, or just watching television or surfing the net.

You can plan out a different schedule for your weekends, especially if it’s a long one and indulge yourselves in activities or hobbies that you are passionate about, but unable to meet up because of the work. With Saturday & Sunday lined up with an off day of Monday or Friday, you all can sketch your weekend plans and savour the joy anticipating something fun.

Here are some smart tips:

1. Plan a trip:

Source: makemytrip
Source: MakeMyTrip

Pack your bags and leave for a short pocket-friendly getaway, away from wifi and digital gadgets. We all need different scenery to break the routine and weekend escape is just enough to do the trick. Get. Set. Go.

2. Bookish Day:

Source: virginaustralia
Source: Virgin Australia

Yes! Definitely, you can finish up that pending book and even go on for a book haul. Collect the books from your wish list, get a hot steaming cup of tea or coffee and enjoy your read.

3. Health is wealth:

Source: greatist
Source: greatist

Spending the weekends in clubbing is not everybody’s cup of tea. In that case, you can join an evening yoga class which is equally fun. Yoga rejuvenates your mind as it recovers from office labour stresses. Getting trained for a run or cycling and keeping exercise a priority can also be counted.

4. Quality Time:

Source: thecatholiccatalogue
Source: thecatholiccatalogue

Spend your weekend in servicing the less fortunate by taking volunteer opportunity to feed them, teach them or even spend some time with them. A weekend worth remembering.

5. Adventures may be:

Source: raftingtara
Source: raftingtara

Make a list of adventurous activities that you have always longed for. One event every weekend and kill that boredom. Try for canoeing, hiking, water rafting, bungee jumping or cycling and make your weekend fun-filled.

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