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Jaipur policemen known for the safety of residents, apparently went into a rage. It was said by the locals that the policemen in Ramganj in Jaipur, crossed their limits and turned their batons against people passing by, on streets, and charging fine of 5000 Rs. for not producing license, not wearing helmet.

On Friday, this scene became more violent and broke huge. Presumably, because a local policeman smacked a Muslim couple. The family was travelling on a motorbike. The couple was furious and frustrated because allegedly their child fell from the bike because of this man handling. However, the police claim that a person without helmet was blocking the road and was asked to pay the fine, which he refused and hence, they took action and no child was injured.

Apparently, the bike owner went inside the police station to lodge a complaint along with a huge crowd gathered by him, instead, a complaint was filed against them since a verbal argument broke out. Post this incident the crowd became restless and slowly turned violent. The crowd set ablaze a transformer, burnt many vehicles, ambulances, and a police jeep. As the policemen could not withstand the mob, they threw tear shells and also shot bullets.

This whole situation of little dispute switched to curfew in not just Ramganj, but also in other three places -Manak Chowk, Subhash chowk, Galta Gate. Almost all of local residents in these places are Muslims. In this whole curfew, police were fighting back the mob, and they shot a 24year old Muslim named Mohd. Raees, who was not at all present in the mob (as claimed by locals). Raees’s family has demanded 1 Crore as compensation and a job as Raees was the only employee in their family. There are many unanswered questions post this incident. It was also observed and argued by one of the resident saying “ There was no senior official at the station, on whose order the police fire on the mob?”.

Jaipur Curfew
Source: Deccan Herald

Later, senior officials, and Jaipur commissioner Sanjay Agarwal rushed to the spot. The collector, Siddharth Mahajan said “Police is investigating the matter, and strict action will be taken against the guilty”. In order to stop rumours, internet connection was paused in various parts of the city. Schools remained closed on Saturday.

On a surprising note, it was informed in a press release that on the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s birthday i.e., September 17th , Rajasthan state road transport corporation will be going on a protest.

Too many things running red around political parties in the Pink city.


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