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Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai

In the list of best political leaders of the world, Mr Narendra Modi has taken a right place in it while being at the top in his own country at the same time.

Majority of our country, especially the youth, praises him for the ideal qualities that other leaders have them in their speeches only while on the other side Mr Modi have them in his actions and decisions.

He is the epitome of dedication, determination, strength and optimism. He is the person who views the future of developing India as a developed India with the light of hope. His hard work and honest towards what he does, regardless of his age (69) is an inspiration to millions of people.

Why does India need Modi?

The only reason to the above question is because he is continuously working on social, economic and political issues.
Despite being risky, he tried to uproot corruption from the country by introducing DEMONETISATION. He started ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign to improve employment, investment and skill enhancement.

Modi has been continuously travelling around the globe to maintain good ties or relationships with other countries as well. This helped India to grow on the international platform and hence changing the prevailing opinion of people around the globe about India.

The most crucial decision that he and his government has taken is the abrogation of article 370. This decision has sorted the Kashmir issue to a great extent which the other government never dared to do so. He has strengthened the country on defence grounds as well. He has ensured to provide our army with decent and good quality of instruments. The initiative he took to solve the issues related in the cases of Triple Talaq and Ayodhya land dispute is commendable.

We can’t deny the fact that he is a man of his words who has always justified them when it comes to terrorism. URI strike and Pulwama are a well-set example by him about the fact that India will not sit silently anymore, and will answer them (terrorist) back.

Mr.Modi introduced many schemes when it comes to employment, health, sports, hygiene, education and women related issues, for example – ‘Ayushman Bharat’, ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana’, Mudra scheme, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and many more.

He has just stepped in back again on the ground, and all his people are curious and excited to know what will be next issue at his target because ‘MODI HAI TO MUMKIN HAI’.

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