Making History In Andhra Pradesh: 5 Deputy CMs And 3 State Capitals

The State of Andhra Pradesh is witnessing many changes after the term of former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The changes that came as a shock to many was the proposal made by the current CM Jagamohan Reddy of having 5 Deputy Chief Ministers in the state and not too quickly after that came his announcement of 3 State Capitals. The Opposition feels that this action, only proves that the CM is not mature enough to handle state affairs on his own.

Why Five Deputy CMs?

The decision came as a surprise, justifying himself-Jaganmohan Reddy further explains that the 5 Deputy CMs along with 20 Cabinet Ministers; he said, will reshuffle the cabinet after two and a half years and 90 per cent of the present ministers will have to quit paving way for another set of ministers. In this way, he want everyone who are currently disappointed will get a chance to become a minister after two and a half years. So on June 8, 2019, 5 CM who was chosen from all sections of the society (One representative from each section) along with Cabinet Ministers were sworn into their official duties. These five Deputy CMs also belong to five various regions of Andhra Pradesh.

The previous Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government had two Deputy Chief Ministers — One representing the Kapus; and the other representing the BCs. Therefore, Jaganmohan Reddy has added three more Deputy CMs into the mix when in comparison to the TDP. These three represent the SCs, STs and minorities — the three main vote-banks of YSR Congress Party.

With this, Andhra Pradesh became the first state in India to have 5 Deputy CMs. The largest state in the country Uttar Pradesh has only two Deputy CMs.

Making History In Andhra Pradesh: 5 Deputy CMs and 3 State Capitals
Source: YSRCP Official Instagram Account

The 3 State Capitals

The latest news from the state is of the proposal announcing to its people of the three new capitals that they will have to welcome with open arms. There is Amaravati the Legislative capital, Kurnool the Judicial capital and Vishakhapatnam the Executive capital.

Vishakhapatnam was proposed to be the executive capital, being well-equipped with infrastructure. The current temporary capital of the state, Amaravati, could be retained as the legislative capital, while Kurnool could be made the judiciary capital; the chief minister suggested. All this sounds much like a holy trinity of sorts that form the overall Andhra Pradesh Government.

What makes a State Capital?

  • A means to protect but also able to exert control and project unity.
  • The Center should be accessible and also be a firm representation for its entire people.
  • The whims of Strongmen.

The capital- Amaravathi was the Brainchild of the previous CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Accusing the previous government of irregularities, Mr Reddy said that the grand design bought in to develop the 53,000 acres of land cost Rs1.09 laks crores and many other irregularities which the House had already discussed.

The Opposition feels this decision is somewhat resemblance to ‘Tuglaq’s Rule’. Still, many people question the decisions undertaken by Jagan-Where will the Chief Minister live? Will he construct three houses at Amaravathi, Visakhapatnam and Idupulapaya (Reddy’s home town)?

The state government pointed out that its priority of development has always been clear – to fulfil the promises made in their manifesto and focus on developing education, irrigation and infrastructure. As surprising decisions have been popping up, Andhraities are at cross-roads on these changes.

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